Dickenson to address media

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VANCOUVER/CKNW - Lions quarterback Dave Dickenson will address the Vancouver media Friday morning to discuss his recovery from concussion-like symptoms sustained from a hit in a July 13 game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders at Mosaic Stadium.

It was Dickenson's third head trauma in less than two seasons.

As first reported by CKNW, Dickenson was examined Wednesday by Toronto neurosurgeon Dr. Karen Johnston, who recommended he continue treatment after consulting with Lions physician Dr. Bob McCormack.

McCormack will also be on hand to address the medical complications and therepy of the 2006 Grey Cup MVP's injury.

This caught my attention....speculation, anyone?

"Based on Dr. Johnson's advice and keeping my health and the well being of my family in the forefront of my decision making process, I [wipe tear] have decided....."

".....to never play against Fred Perry or Jackie Mitchell again."

All humour aside, I do hope he decides, for the sake of his own health and for the sanity of his family, to take a step back. No one wants to end a career this way, but life is too short to take that many hits to the melon.

".....and like totally snub Antonio Warren at any party we might happen to be at together...."

....yeah, me too, my first post was serious...time to retire DD, in style, with a GC ring, before you end up with a helmet the size of the Great Gazoo...

Dickenson is one tough cookie. A qb who did not like to avoid the hit , particularly in his younger days. A little guy with a big heart. I did not like my team playing against him and wished he was on my team. Good luck Dave and retire - life is too short.

Riders will be relieved!!

Yes as much as he did great things for this team, his health is more important.

Personally, I think Wally should trade him to Winnipeg so Milt can join us and get his Grey Cup ring before he retires!

good one Sportman!!


You can forget that ever happening. Bomber fans would burn Brendan Taman at the stake.

I agree, Dickenson should retire before he is incapable to make that announcement himself. Its sad to see any great athlete retire, but DD has to look at his long term future-- not just the next few years.

He's had a great career but it's time to move on (safely) He probably has a great broadcasting career ahead of him.


The rumours have been floating that he will be the Lions QB coach.

well, tomorrow is game #3 for dickenson.

i said he'd miss 6 atleast....he's well on his way.

i wish DD would just retire...im sick of this guy.

...he also has a standing invite to be a coach on the University of Montana team in his home town of Missoula...

Dave's Media Interview - The Short Version

"If I retire I don't get paid, if I stay on the IR list and work my way slowly along to a point of respectful health and then retire I get paid"