Dickenson tells Cats no dice/ Burke?????

....Dickenson has withdrawn from the head coaching job in Hamilton ....That leaves Burke and Cortez (apparently)...IF there hasn't been an announcement on Burke thus far ...what are his chances...My guess is they're waiting for the B.Bills to fold their tent and Cortez will get serious consideration (they might have commitment from him already)...Seems this thing is dragging on too long leaving our coaching staff in limbo......I hope something happens quickly in the New Year....Buffalo is done on Jan' 2nd., i believe...Is this what all the hang-up is????????? :roll:

....Should know soon if Burke is the new guy in the hammer....Cortez is officially being interviewed by the cats as of today according to sportsnet... :roll:

If Cortez says no, then the job basically belongs to Tim Burke.

.....Just a guess but i think Cortez told Obie 'get me Burris and i'm your guy'...We should hear soon but i got a hunch Burke will be returning to the winners circle in the Peg :wink:

I think so as well, I think Obie did the Burris trade before the HC position to sweeten the pot for Cortez.But there's also a couple other rumours going around.Such as:
George Cortez as OC/asst. HC, Tim Burke as HC, Mike O'shea as DC
Tim Burke as DC/asst. HC, George Cortez as HC
That would be huge for us but I highly doubt it.
I honestly think it's George Cortez as HC, Mike O'shea/Greg Marshall as DC

I can’t see Marshall coming back to be DC in Hamilton again. . .

Mind you, Richie Hall returned to Saskatchewan as DC after a whirl at head coaching. . . so I guess perhaps it isn’t that far-fetched after all. . .

Exactly, a jobs a job and he left us, not the other way around.

There's no way Burke leaves the Bombers unless he's the headcoach alone...Lateral moves by Burke would be covered by the Bombers attaching whatever it took to keep him...you can bet your bottom dollar on that...Unless Mack and Lapo have gone brain-dead :lol: ..
A little aside...It sure looks like we'll be promoting within, for the oc job ,as Khari and Dyce have decided to sign-on with the riders..I'm getting a little concerned that Lapo wants another 'yes' man as oc. so he can still mainly call the shots on offence...Don't know why but a red-flag is starting to appear in my assessment of the off-season job we've done so far..Other than the Logan signing :thdn: Not impressed...C'mon dazzle us Mack with some kind of news :roll:

Personally, I doubt we’re promoting from within. If we were it would have been done by now imo.

…well if we’re not promoting within, we better start looking for someone in earnest IF the latest Leftko blurb on Burke is true :thdn:

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Winnipeg/2012/01/04/19202641.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 02641.html[/url]

A recent write-up on Burke to the Cats. For a new DC - Greg Marshall perhaps a Lapo plan B option..?