Dickenson Status

Quick question: I believe I heard mumblings last week that Dickenson could very well start this weekend. Has anyone else heard anything to this effect, or will Printers be starting again?

Printers will be starting. Dickenson is making the trip, but not sure if he is dressing.

Last I heard DD was probably going to dress but most likely Printers would start. Oh well either way it should be a good game. Im driving up from cow town to see the game hopefully those esk fans arent sore losers should the leo's prevail.

DD was cleared by doctors to play but Printers will be starting. All 4 Lions' QBs, Pierce and Jackson as well, will be making the trip.

Hopefully, Printers starts for the rest of the year. The way the O line is playing, Dickenson is just not mobile enough to escape the rush. This should be a great game.

I understand why Casey is starting this week and besides Dave will be rusty but in my opinion Dave should start against Saskatchewan. In sports you do not lose your starting job because of injury. How quickly people forget that Dave NOT Casey led the team to their 11-0 start. Just because Casey looked good against two bad defenses does not mean that he should start the rest of the way. Dave just needs to get the rust out. Dickenson's numbers are reason enough to start him.

?: I think they should give Printer a stab at these league games-Edm and Sas
Dickenson is not going to be around for much longer and you have to give Printers game experience in order to build his confidence as quarterback. Palmer in the NFL, his first year the team has a crappy-04-05. But now he is playing much better, has confidence and winning more games because the offence understands his plays and challenges. For the play-off that is the coach's decision. I'm not sure which QB they should put in??

Good thing that’s not always the case, because I don’t think Dickenson will get the protection he needs to be successful in the playoffs. If there wasn’t so much confusion surrounding Casey’s injury at the end of last season, I would suggest that Casey lost his starting job for the Grey Cup game after getting the team there in the first place.

Buono will start Dickenson as soon as he can though, so never fear. My only hope is that Buono has the common sense to pull Dickenson in favour of Printers if Dave isn’t getting the job done.

As luckyleodennis said, Dave will not be around much longer as he’s getting long-in-the-tooth - hopefully Casey will be our QB of the future. I’d hate to lose Printers to another team in the league. He didn’t win MVP last year for nothing. Play Printers, because I think he’s the more versatile QB.