Dickenson starting on Saturday

I just read the top story on the home page. Dickenson will be starting for BC on Saturday aganist Toronto.

What does everyone think about that?

I know it’s not my place to put BC topic on this forum, but after reading that I feel conpeled to post this topic.

Personally, I thinks it’s a bad idea cuz Printers is a good QB and lead the team all the way to the Grey Cup, then Dickenson started and fuck ed it up! What was Wally thinking???

I may be wrong and not giving DD his credit, but I just think Printers is the best QB BC has right now, why not use him while you have him???

Dickenson will be fine as long as he avoids the injury bug. He is a quality, veteran CFL QB

I put Printers on one of my CFL Fantasy teams i want him to start not DD.

Printers is still carrying the clipboard. Printers never played a down @ the last exhibition game other than hold on converts. His toe and shoulder are still injured. If Dickenson goes down, Pierce will probably go in before Printers. Oops sorry,What do they do in hockey???Don’t give away the real injury to the opposition…Ah, er, Printers has a head cold!..LOL

That’s only in the playoffs man. And then it’s classified as either and upper body or lower body injury.

I believe that PRINTERS was not 100% before the 2004 GREY CUP…so WALLY didn’t have a choice and there were some mind games about who would start,even though he knew who would be starting.

It is difficult , to start PRINTERS now because DICKINSON played well in the pre season.

Who ever starts on SATURDAY…they with have a tuff time against an ARGO defence that still rocks and B.C. will be on the road.

It would be like starting RON JOHNSON over DOUG, in the BILLS play off game.And we saw what happened there. :lol:

I just got back from eatting Micky D’s, I love they way you can use credit cards there now, don’t you? Now if they can only use delivery! :smiley:

But back to the BC QB thing, so printers has a “head cold” eh? He’d better get well soon or BC is going to have a hard run agiest Edmonton for 1st plave in the West, if Ray recovers from his injury that is.

…can they start Printers w/o a contract?..like, where is his leverage if he is playing…

Printers is still under contract this year. He’s just whining like a hockey player because he wants a big raise because he had one good year and won MVP last season.

He is still under the contract saying he’ll play for $65 000 per year, but since he won MVP he wants $400 000 this year. I think that’s total primadonna talk. He should at least wait until he’s a free agent before demading his worth. Ricky Ray never pulled that crap. He honored his $30 000 per year contract until it expired.

What I want to know is, if Wally gives Printers the big raise he thinks he deserves and he has a bad season, could they give him a pay cut back down to $65 000? I doubt it, and that’s why I think Printers won’t get what he wants.

Would you be someone else, I’d point out that the guy’s name was Rob Johnson and not Ron, but since it is you, I won’t say a word because I wouldn’t want to trigger that stalker paranoïa again…

So you must be right once more Hellothere… It’s Ron Jonson…

…they were going to start Don Johnson but he had Miami Vice commitments…

Are you for real???

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Dickenson played well in the Grey Cup, and it was the Defense that cost BC the final.

He’s in the best condition of his career, and was looking very mobile in both pre-season games. Not to mention Printers is still recovering from Toe surgery.

I love Printers as much as any BC fan, but with Dickenson healthy, I have no doubt he can throw 5000+ yards and 30+ TD’s

The guy is a Machine, and if he faulters at all, Printers can do it too.

id go with Dickenson, as he is more proven, year after year.

Supertoe wrote:
That’s only in the playoffs man. And then it’s classified as either an upper body or lower body injury.

Thats why I said Cold…LOL he has a shoulder AND toe injury.

Besides, games with BC and Edmonton are just like a playoff game…Lots of fun!


OH , by the way…they still have to play the defending GREY CUP CHAMPS…

The right guy is starting. For all you fans of other teams that obviously know nothing of DD’s abilities , just wait till he’s killing your team this year and then come back to talk about your newfound respect for the man. BTW Casey’s injured.

I saw DD in the pre-season game against my team, the Riders. I thought he was very elusive. Remember that the Riders tied for top in sacks last year. The mobility I saw, plus his obvious passing assets bode well for him this season. His stats weren’t real great, and it was Pierce he led BC to the victory, but I’d still say DD is your man.
Of course, the Riders will be ready for BC when it counts!