Dickenson signs with Calgary !!!

8) Dave Dickenson has signed with the Stampeders. He still makes his off season home in Calgary, so that obviously was a big factor for him.

No surprise here. I question the motives of the doctors that gave him medical clearance to play tho

8) You are right, but I also question the motives of Dickenson himself for still wanting to play this game considering his health situation !!!

I understand Dickenson's position, thats why its so important to have people to tell the injured that they can no longer participate in an activity for fear of catastrophic consequenses. Pro sport needs to take a stand and permanently bar players like Dickenson and Lindros who refuse to accept their vulnerabilities

Nope, unless there is clear cut evidence that the next hit and DD is out for good, I wouldn't want any doctor taking money out of my pocket. And obviously in this case, there is no clear cut evidence.

There is a reason why tobacco companies are still allowed to sell a product that puts people at a higher risk for lung cancer. Because that's all it is, a higher risk, no evidence any single person who smokes 10 packs a day will get lung cancer.

Thats why LaFontaine, Lindros et al have been allowed to play and frankly TOO BAD!!!!!!! Pay out the insurance money and refuse them permission to play

Tobbacco people should all be jailed IMO. They know they are killing people. They have been successfully sued for selling their products.How that has anything to do with this topic I'll never know

It has everything to do with the topic cats. We are talking risks here. DD is at a higher risk for another concussion if he gets a good hit. But it's just risk, no assurance it will happen. Like cigarette smoking.

Don't you honestly think that if the evidence was there clear cut that the next hit and a concussion that DD wouldn't be allowed to play or that tobacco companies wouldn't be allowed to sell cigarettes? Look, I hate cigarettes and wish the damn things would be taken off the market tomorrow. But I know why they are still out there for all to "enjoy".

Actually I do believe there is evidence that the next hit has a high percentage chance of permanently injuring or killing Dickenson.

As for cigarettes, the fact is that those companies are paying BILLIONS in damages to various US states. The hope is that the payments will put the tobacco industry out of buisness. Again, this has nothing to do with Dickenson's concussion problems.

Yes, evidence, but not clear-cut evidence. Big difference.

Don't you agree that overall we are talking risk analysis here even if these things have nothing in common with each other on the surface? That's all I'm saying.

No difference at all.

I don't equate concussions with tobacco at all on any level. The comparison is silly. You want to talk risk analysis find something that has something in common

I'm not equating them. But it is some sort of risk that both have in common.

Both risks need to be legislated out of existence by the the people responsible. Thats the only similarity

That much I will agree with you on to a certain extent for sure. I would love nothing better than our politicians to ban cigarettes and also, in sports or occupations, leagues should ban players from continuing playing if they've had 2 concussions. And why the NHL doesn't grandfather in face masks is beyond me, I don't get that.

It is nice for you posters to show concern
for D.D.'s post career ability to function

but it baffles me how you are able
to diagnose his particular brain injury

without examining him or seeing
the results of his medical tests.

I'm not sure why a team would take such a risk on Dickenson. He'd probably be better off retiring and leaving on a some-what high note.

Its the sheer number of concussions and severity of them. The fact is that statistcally cases like his need no examination to assess the risk as being much higher that normal

If you seach Pubmed (Medline), there are a number of peer-reviewed published studies supporting the conclusion that multiple concussions may have adverse long term effects on athletes. Not sure if there has been a well-done systematic review on this though.

We take risks every day. Driving to work is a risk. I know, because I got hit many years ago, minding my own business. Turned out the guy was drunk, was driving without a license, & completely wiped out my car. No fault insurance screwed me, because he was charged, was guilt as sin, and all I got was the book value for my car.
So, DD is taking a chance. Mohammed Ali was taking a chance, everytime he went into the ring. And you know what happened to him.
What's your point?
Is it a SMART thing to do? - probably not. But he is a big boy, & knows the risks. If he wants to take it, so be it. Until the next hit will be the last, & then he can go to the spotters' booth, ala Matt Dunnigan.
In the meantime, he will be playing the game he enjoys, & making a ton of money doing it.
I can't say the same for myself....
The Eagle - :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Some reading if you are interested http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/20 ... 065642.htm

[url=http://www.upmc.com/Communications/MediaRelations/NewsReleaseArchives/2002/October/HighSchoolConcussionStudy.htm]http://www.upmc.com/Communications/Medi ... nStudy.htm[/url] http://jama.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/full/290/19/2549

These results illustrate that a history of previous concussions may be associated with an increased risk of future concussive injuries and that these previous concussions may be associated with slower recovery of neurological function following subsequent concussions. Within a given season, there may be a 7- to 10-day window of increased susceptibility for recurrent concussive injury, but this finding should be further studied in a larger sample of athletes with recurrent in-season concussions.

Catsconverts what doctor in his right mind would give the ok for an athlete to play if there were any chance that he would be permanetely injured after the hit ??

Have you ever heard the work LAWSUIT ??

The fact that people on here think they know the depth of Dickensons injury doesnt surprise me in the least . It happens all the time on here !!!!