Dickenson Sighting

Bob McCown mentioned last night on PTS that Dave Dickenson showed up at the party the Argo owners were having during Grey Cup week.

Would he be entertaining offers regarding backup qb or possible qb coach? Would he leave his western roots & move to Toronto???

I can't wait for training camp!!!

I have been debating this one for awhile. What team would pick him up? I keep thinking it's Toronto.

Hamilton - of course not
Montreal - just signed A.C. and Brady emerged
Winnipeg - Kevin Glenn is too solid
Calgary - can't see them doing that to Burris
Sask. - see Hamilton
Edmonton - just like Toronto... how confident are they with their guy? (probably much more than the Argo's)

Ok, obviously I'm a little late on this post. By now we all know that Dickenson went to Calgary. Great acquision by Calgary, IMO. Now they have 2 great QBs.

However, at Grey Cup 2007. Dave Dickenson attended many of the Grey Cup parties hosted by various teams. As seen here, we saw Dave at Touchdown Manitoba at the Hilton Hotel. This is the party hosted by the Blue Bombers. Awesome time!

Perhaps your post is a little late Birdman, but still a very good post. Gee, Dickenson really looks like an ordinary guy huh?

Hey gil the thrill that is a very cool pic man, did you see him (Dickenson) at the airport?!

I saw Rick Dudley (former Sabres/Lightning GM) at the Buffalo airport at Easter. Talked about the Leafs situation and he says: and I quote “it’s a total mess”.

Amazing who you see in the community and they are just regular Joes eh?