Dickenson Released

Smith has one good season and suddenly he's a better back than the veteran Charles Roberts? I think not.

He was this year, its not a debate about overall careers.

Was he better this year? I think so and so do the numbers.

I'd take Charlse Roberts over Joe Smith any day.

id take the winnipeg offensive line over the bc lions anyday to, who cares if u had 2 all stars, last year toronto had some all stars to and there line sucked

we had the fewest QB sacks, and may have had the leading rusher if charlie wasnt hurt the last two games

joe smith had the better season yes, but charlie is the better back,

we had three 1000 yard recievers, bc had two.... we had 3 in the top 10, bc had 2.... need i go on?

If Joe had the "better season", I'm pretty sure that means he's the leading rusher?

See there is the "IF" thing, "IF" didnt happen so suck it up. Facts are Smith did have more yards and was a bit more durable.

Did TO have the 2 time offensive lineman of the year last year? that would be a negative because it was Murphy then also. What a surprise you dont mention that. Like I said, O line is debatable, both had great years. And who cares that the Lions had 2 all stars? me so what about it? and many other Lions fans so whats your point?

Sure you had 3 in the top ten vs the lions 2. But we had the #1 receiver and based on his healthy numbers and past record, he is capable of being close to having 2 1000 yard seasons in one and I would take him before any Bomber receiver any day. And Jackson was less than 40 yards from 1000. I believe a healthy Simon's yards added to Clermont's and Jackson's would have far exceeded the 3 Bombers totals, mostly on the strength of Simon who is almost like 2 receivers in one! You look at Simon's numbers over the last 5 years and compare to Milt who is considered the best receiver ever in the CFL and you will see that he has over 2000 more receiving yards in that time span. You take Milts 5 best years compared to Simon's 5 best and Simon has over 400 yards more. My point is that Simon is shaping up to possibly be in the conversation about the best receiver in the league ever, like Milt, and he is the single reason why I believe the Lions have a better group of receivers. Simon brings way more to the table currently than any of the other top receivers which tips the scale for me. Clermont also brings the added element of being able to go head to head with the toughest defensive monsters in the league and get up and brush it off, sometimes leaving a dead opponent behind cough Reggie cough The toughness element is definitely in the favor of a lineup with a guy like Clermont.

very good points..... but Simon is very inconsistent, one year he struggles, next year no one can touch him.... for a whole it looked like he wouldnt even get 1000 yards. he needs dave dick or buck pierce, stegal needs no one.... hes dealt with revolving QBs his whole career.

terrence had the lead almost all year, milt derrick and terrence were all in the top five at one point, and terrence and derrick were 1 and 2....

arjei franklin is another very capable reciever who was injured a majority of the season, next year youll see him eclipse the thousand yard mark...

bottom line is, BC couldnt make it out of the final, and winnipeg went to the grey cup

having a back to back offensive lineman of the year doesnt make your whole line good either, it means rob murphys good.... sorry to burst your bubble

lol you also start talking about a healthy simon this and a healthy simon that right after you slammed me for saying the same about a healthy charles roberts... think before you post

and simon plus clermont plus jackson = 3428
stegal +derrick + terreance = 3530

so you can throw that argument out the window
(ps, stegal was hurt for the last third of the season, so dont bring up a healthy simon)

...and Simon was hurt for the first half of the season, and continuously double/triple teamed...

Im not sure where you think Simon is inconsistent. This year was his worst in the last 5 and he still was the #1 receiver. He had a slow start, but he was injured in the beginning and still gutted out the most yards by the time the year was done. i wouldnt say it is fair to label someone as inconsistent when he is hurt.

Saying that BC not making it to the Grey Cup was more a reflection on how poorly the whole team played that one game. That has minimal bearing on which receiving group is better. If you want to go down that road, the Lions receivers won a grey cup last year, when did the Winnipeg receivers last win the grey cup?

No, having O linesman of the year doesnt make the whole line good but that, coupled with 2 all stars (one obviously the O linesman of the year) and 3 other solid o linesmen (even if peeps think they are dirty, they are still good) equals a pretty good line that you can make arguments about being the best. Im not saying they are better than Winnipegs, I am saying you can make arguments both ways as they are pretty evenly matched overall. I dont know how this equates to a burst bubble.

The difference is this, Simon WAS the leading receiver so no ifs are really required. Roberts and Smith were fairly evenly matched before roberts went down so any ifs there is just a coin toss. What is a guarantee is that roberts would have had more yards than he did which is what I was trying to relate regarding Simon. Assuming Simon got minimal yards he was still the #1 receiver without them. As far as roberts getting enough yards to be #1 RB, thats an IF. Maybe I wasnt clear with what i meant before :smiley:. the difference in IFS is the difference between how many more yards above the #2 receiver vs possibly getting enough yards to pass Smith for 1st. One was already a guarantee, the other speculation.

Simon is the best receiver in the league, this cant be disputed based on cold hard numbers, and a recent MoP award. Ill listen to arguments about the whole group, but as an individual, Simon is the best with the makings of possibly being one of the absolute best ever.

....Bombers 'o' line is definitely better than the leos....and when Khan gets back next year ...it will be the best in the league....IF ...D.D. decides he really isn't quite done yet...i think passing from behind an 'O' line like Wpgs. might look pretty attractive...As for Dave remaining a leo...i've always found when Wally officially bids you a fond farewell...it usually means it's time to move on... and especially if D.D. still wants to play....WHY would you take less money and hang around Van... I think Dave has some serious contemplating to do in the off-season :wink: :roll:

Interesting possibilities. Given the number of sacks that the Riders got against BC in the West final when compared to the number they got in the Grey Cup, it is hard to argue with papa's assessment of Winnipeg's O-line being superior to BC's.

Glenn, Dickenson, and Dinwiddie.......that would be the best stable of QBs the Bombers have had in recent memory........

Bingo...oh to mortgage thine own soul.


I guess you didn't notice, but almost all the sacks came through the right guard position...the position played by backups for the majority of the game. After Valli went out in the 3rd, Lorne Plante went in, and he's a rookie, in every sense of the word. Last year Plante was playing in the juniors...not everyone coming out of the juniors is going to be as good as Boden.

...and the Bomber 'o' line was missing Obby Khan...an all-star last year... :wink:

Contracts aren't guarnteed in the CFL, unless you are a veteran and played so many games in the season are you ensured to receive a cheque unitl the end of the year. I suspect it was a mutual thing.

Dave wants the opportunity to play, well likely have a deminished role in BC. He now has the opportunity to resign with BC or any team with a re-structured contract that will suit him and the team.

Wally needs extra cash to sign Jackson. Without releasing Dave now Wally has no room to sign Jackson. Wally is smart enough to know that he can't keep Dave with his $300K - $400K salary and resign Jackson for close to a starters salary. Which will likely be in the neighbourhood of $200K+.

Leaving the decision to sign Jackson until after Feb 15 free agency means Wally could lose him. Wally is smart enought to know he needs Jackson signed and delivered before then.

Was his replacement a junior last year? If not, what's your point?

what was your point? you were mising a starter at right gaurd and thats where your weak link was, causing more sacks against your O-Line right?

well hi point was we were missing our lineman of the year this year for 3/4 of the season, and still had the least amount of sacks in the league, we were alo missing our 2 starting gaurds for 2 or 3 games. and had great depth in that department

as for recievers, it is close.... im not aying it isnt..... but this year ours were better, just like joe smith was better then roberts this year

another thing that hurt the recievers stats, ince were all listing pleanty of excuses here

the coaches for some tupid reason took kevin off hi trong game, which was quick reas/quick releases.. and tried to evolve into "the next step" which was long passes, more 5 step drops.... which quite frankly, isnt kevins game... he then went from having 107 eff. rating to like 74 or something around there... and didnt put up his 300-400 yard games anymore... they then went back to kevins game for the playoffs, and had succes once again

and you cant ay im making this up either.... cuz i found thi out from the east semifinal game on CBC