Dickenson Released

Well, it’s official, DD has been released by the Lions. He may re-sign for fewer dollars (perhaps incentive based contract like Simmons had), move to another team, or retire and become a coach.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

Buck is now our #1 QB.

canoe.ca says he was released then had his contract re-worked....yet tsn's site makes it seems like he was cut outright.


''Dave has been an outstanding player and leader for the Lions over the past five seasons and this is a difficult day for all of us,'' Lions' general manager and head coach Wally Buono said in a statement.

so it seems hes done, and all i can say is FINALLY!

I think he will probably retire and go back to the lions as a QB coach. There few if any teams that are really in search of a new QB so I doubt he would catch on anywhere. QB coach with the lions seems like a very good fit, it lets him stay active in the game and the community and he is laready very familiar with Pierce and Jackson so he can definitely give them some guidance and mold them into great QBs

It would be a shame if his career ended this way. When he is healthy, I feel he is the best QB in the game, definitely the most accurate. Its too bad his career may end due to being rather injury prone. I guess its a good move by the lions, 400k is a lot to tie up for the little bit he played. At the end of the day it is a business and business decisions need to be made. Im interested to see whats next for him.

looks the lions may go with jarious and buck

btw, did anyone else see dave at east side marios yesterday? :slight_smile:

He would make a very good QB coach if he retires. He won't have any trouble finding employment in the league.

DD knew last week that he was being released. It's nice that Wally gave him the week to deal with it before making the announcement.

T.O. or MTL, the real question is what will become of Michael Bishop? in my mind he is currently the worst starting QB in the league, could he be cut sometime in the near future or at least forced to take a pay cut

......there's a few teams with holes in the qb. department...and i wouldn't rule out Wpg.....with his experience...walking into a definite contender for the Cup next year would be a bonus for D.D....only problem is who is more delicate....Glenn or D.D.....could be a nice tandem though....I think whichever club decides to make an offer for Dickenson it would have to meet the sms...and could pose a problem for some teams...depending on what dollars he's looking for...I still believe he wants to play......we'll see... :roll:

He needs to retire.

I don't know about that. I think he is a pretty good quarterback. If he was released a lot of teams would jump at the chance of picking him up.

Dave is one more concussion away from being seriously hurt. I hope he thinks about his familly first!

but once the playoffs roll around, he'll come out of retirement to steal the starting role....this is basically what he does every year, so why not?

If he was going to retire he would have I would guess - no need to cut him. The fact that he was cut points to him playing somewhere next year

Being cut today means that he doesn't count against next year's SMS. Another day, and the Leos would have had to pay him for next year.

That's funny. :lol:

But I honestly hope he doesn't try and sign with another team. Time to hang it up.

I heard he still wants to play next year so and since he and Wally seem to get along real well im guessing he signs with the Lions with a significant pay cut.

I just returned from the grey cup. I heard Dickensin was cut. He was at the cup as BC's ambassador singing cfl posters. I chatted with him a bit. He never mentioned anything. Its to bad for him. Tjat's Wally for you, uses players and then disgaurds them like a dirty shirt. Wally just used him at the western finals probably knowing that he shouldn't have been playing. will he do the same thing with Heminiz now?

Dickenson should go to the Bombers who can give him the protection he needs. He will have the Best o-line, and the best receivers. Along with the #1 running back. What a great 1-2 punch with Kevin Glenn Milt may even return. Defenses would be shreaded with this guy on the Bomber Offence.

Come on dude, you can debate those points but you cant sit there and say the best this that and the other when the numbers dont all agree with you.

O Line- debatable, Lions did have 2 on the all star team and the lineman of the year (again)
RB- you can definitely make a case for Roberts but Smith was the more durable with the better numbers.
receivers - BC had the numbers 1 and 3 receivers catching passes from a QB revolving door. Also, Simon was injured to start the year. First 10 games averaged about 45 yards per, last 8 when he was getting healthy, about 107 per game. So yeah, on the strength of Simon couple with the #3 receiver and Paris Jackson (plus a couple other capable receivers to fill in when needed) Im giving the nod to BC here.

I think the O line is probably the one that can really go either way, receiving and RB? Im giving the edge to the Lions!