Dickenson Re-signs!?!


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[i]Going into the final year of his Lions contract, there was much conversation about whether head coach-general manager Wally Buono would dish out $400,000 to retain the oft-injured pivot for another season.

That, too, is now moot, because Dickenson is believed to have signed a contract extension through 2008.

...its going to be an interesting new concept to the league ...started in B.C.....and that is...the rotation of 3 qbs. during a game...i wonder how long its going to last though...before one of them gets turned off.....side note ...comment by D.D. after the Cup in the Peg....quote....'i love playing in Winnipeg....especially at the Grey Cup....and even more importantly that I GET TO PLAY
.... :wink:

Buck Pierce re signed as well for about $200,000 a season

Considering Dickenson already has said he thought that rotating Buck in threw off his rythym, I don't see the QB rotation thing becoming a big seller.
I don't mind putting in a big strong kid like Jackson on short yardage, but when they put Pierce in for 1st and 10 in the first half(quarter?) and he got sacked, the BC offense had been in a groove until that point and never looked as good again.

And WHEN he becomes our starter, they can re-negotiate his contract.

I can see Dickenson with us one more year and the see Buck be the starter in 2008. I bet Dickenson retires in 2008 and becomes a coach for some team some where.

So, they are spending $600k on two QBs in 2007. How are they going to be under the cap? Must have been some big bonuses in there. I can't say I'm surprised that both are staying though. Dickenson is the best QB in the league imo, but can never seem to make it through a season without serious injury.