Dickenson, Printers, who cares!!!

After reading a few forums, I find it pretty weird that a few Lions fans are actually complaining that Dickenson is starting. The quotes have been..."DD is sooo boring...he's only good for a couple of drives, etc, etc, when will Printers start, etc, etc."

HELLO!! We're 4-0! Dickenson is completing 3 out of every 4 passes which is freakin' incredible, and we're WINNING!

Not sure what people expect from DD, but right now, the team is playing great, with room to improve....and as soon as Printers gets healthy, we'll have the best 1-2 punch in the league.

Go lions!

Thats if you can keep Printers. He feels he should be a starter. If not in BC then somewhere else. Dickenson won't be around for long and if Printers decides to sign somewhere else or asks for a trade then when DD's gone you'll be screwed.

I don't care who starts as long as the Lions are winning. I don't care if it's an ugly or pretty win. What more do fans want? Everyone complains about Printers not starting but let's just say he gets to play and stinks the joint out, who do the fans cry for then? Don't kid yourself, winning should be enough, no matter who is at QB.

Who said DD was boring?

im startin to think its the De thats savin our ass these past 4 games. im startin to get peed off with Dickenson, hes hangin on to that ball to long and the front line arent doin their jobs either. dickenson needs to start findin his rec sooner, or startin to run the ball quicker. until Printers is GAME ready coaches are sayin that hes not game ready, and right now, im anxious to see number 1 as first string. i like 12, but he needs to start watchin what hes doin wrong, and realize that the fans want to see number 1 throw the ball,
and 12 aint borin. he right now is just a target to get sacked. does he like gettin sacked???

I care a lot about the debate between Dickenson and Printers. It’s more than about the first four games or this year. It’s about the future of the Lions. This two quarterback situation cannot go on forever. It may be ok for this year but not longer and damage is slowly being done to both men.I doubt Dickenson is happy with the situation and Printers is frustrated. Dickenson was brought in as the quarterback to build the franchise around. Prinnters surprised everyone with an MVP season last year but you could tell he could be exciting in his very limited opportunties the year before. It may be insurance to have both in a year the Leos are hosting the Grey Cup but the Lions will have to pick one for the future and try to trade the other. My pick would be Printers because he has more upside and is younger but Dickenson is also a quality qb. Not an easy situation but a problem many teams would love to have. This season will tell the story…when both are healthy.

sack and sack,wins are wins,but blow outs are more fun! play printers soon!

Even he said on the radio he isnt 100%.

Speak for yourself but that self centered baby can sit. He turned down 1 Million over 3 years which would have meant DD would have been traded and now we are supposed to feel sorry for him.

He made his bed, now lie in it.

dan i might not live in vancouver, but i do hear things comin from the lions. and im well aware of it. but he IS the future of the lions. dd is gettin old, and lets not forget who was there for us last year while dd was injured??? who pulled the lions through all those games. sure 3 bad games last season, then he got the ball rolling, its like everything else. if you want an attendance let the fans see who they want. printers is just as good, i think anyways,... and im also well aware that printers isnt game ready, all im sayin is when he is i cant wait to see him first string.

Dickenson is old? he's like 33 and has plenty of good football left in him.

DD is getting sacked because he refuses to throw up interceptions, if he can't find an open man, he'll take the hit rather then throw up a prayer into heavy coverage.

And anyone who's complaining about DD's play this year must not realize that he has the highest efficiency rating in the league, or the Casey is still injured, or that we're 4-0.

Casey is a great QB, but at this time, Dave is the best QB playing in the CFL

This is a very good point. So far it has worked but it is not going to work for very much longer.It's a very tough situation for the Lions to be in. D D has lots of great football in him and Casey looks like the next great Q.B. they are both starters and even though they say the right things their not going to be back ups forever. I just hope we can get the Grey cup this season before we lose one of them.
Roar Lions Roar!

personally i dont care who starts as long as we win games. i think dickenson has proven that he can win games for the lions after going to a 5-0 start so until he gets injured you gotta keep starting him cuz hes having an mvp season.

i think bc should trade printers to somewhere where he wil start
the guy deserves to start…look at the numbers he put up last year

Hey, the BC Lions tried to give Winnipeg a starter by trading Spurgeon Wynn and look what Daley thinks of Buono's statement that this guy deserves to be a starter in the CFL. Daley ranks him 4th of his QBs and has had to fake an injury to get him on the Injured Reserve list.

They should put him on waivers so the guy could get a coach/team that sees his great potential.

ps... I doubt Casey will go anywhere. Lions want all the insurance they can have this season (QBs stacked pretty deep in BC and all look like they can play in the CFL).