Dickenson or Printers

Does anyone know who is starting this week-end?

Printers should get one last start before Dickenson takes over in the playoffs. I expect a repeat of last year saga "Printers or Dickenson?".

heh, i thought of doing that roughyfan...i doubt you are going to find out in time. I went ahead and ignored them. I think who ever plays will be one of the top scoring quarterbacks of the week (davin bush is out, and eddie davis is on the limp and who knows the trevis smith thing will do to the defence?)...BUT...who? Is it worth the risk to get a big fat zero?

That is the downfall of the Lions.
They have to clean up this mess.
Keep one and trade the other.
Printers will be Double Blue next year!!!!!

....Printers is getting the start and will lead the Lions to a 36-7 victory over the Riders, then he is scheduled to rest while Calgary thumps the eskimos in the WSF.......he is due to start again in the WF and come from behind in the fourth quarter to steal a 45-44 win over the stamps in the dying seconds to take the lions ot the GC again............then wally will start DD in the GC......

I don't know... I think Davey will be in once playoffs start.

You saw right through this post Fooks.

Buono isn't going to announce the starter til game time. I'm thinking it will be Printers.