Dickenson or Printers?

i am a B.C lions fan. i dont know if i heard right but is printers able to play? did he sustain a serious injury?

if not why arnt they playing him?
i think b.c lions should put him in at least 10 plays a game, maybe just a few hand offs and maybe couple short passes, you need to get him playing time it will help in the long run.

who agrees?

well, i agree they should start grooming him for next year,because personally, this is dave’s last year with B.C. next year its all printers!
and but for now, they should only play printers for maybe 2 drives each game!

there is already a poll thread for the DD Printers debate

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=37]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... topic&t=37[/url]

Casey is still hurting… his shoulder is still causing him problems… he probably won’t get many reps this year as long as Dave stays heathly.

As for this being Dave’s last season with BC… i just don’t see that happening… Wally likes Dave and has some history with him… and i think that Wally will stick with Dave for another few seasons at least… I see Printers going to another team at the end of the season.

But as far as my opinion goes… i’d like to see Casey as the starter once he’s back 100%… just don’t see that happening though.

I was going to say that B.C. should start Printers after Dickenson being sacked 11 times in the Lions’ first 2 games. However, since Printers is still on the injured reserve, maybe Buono and company should enter into the Khari Jones sweepstakes.

why would BC need to try to get Khari back here??.. we have 2 starters and what looks like a good back-up on the roster… there are other teams that need Jones way more than BC does.

And about the sacks… some of that is dickensons fault… but a lot of it has been the O-lines fault… we had the same problem last year… gave up 54 sacks… second worst in the league

i totally agree B.c doesnt need khari. your right there are other team who need a Qb for example Hamilton.

i think that the b.c lions are very lucky to have to great Qb and yes dickenson is the more talented player but Buono must feel pretty comfortable about having printers on the sidelines, you dont get two all round good playing qb’s such as dickenson and printers very often.

As for starting i agree with chronicguy i mean i would love to see printers start. but i also dont see that happening wich is a shame

Only with the Lions can the league MVP be carrying a clipboard. One is going to jump ship. BC would have been smart to trade dickenson at the beginning of the season because he is not a spring chicken anymore. Printers could be the franchise for the next 10 years if he plays like he played last year. Unfortunately for the lions, Printers will either jump to the NFL next year or jump teams and when good Ole Dave retires, BC will be left with nothing. Who agrees with me?

i don’t really agree with you… the lions would NOT have been smart to trade Dave before the start of this season… why would you let go of a good QB going into a season where the Grey Cup is being played in your city… you want to give yourself the best chance at being there… and 2 good QB’s is one way to help get there.

No… printers could NOT be the franchise for the next 10 years… he has stated that after 4 or so years he wants to test the NFL waters… so after this season that only leaves about 2 or 3 more.

So whether it’s dave retiring, or Casey going south we’d be left with nothing in a couple years either way. I’d like to see Casey stay here past this season and be given the #1 job for the few more years he wants to play up here… but unfortunatly i just don’t see that happening… and providing Dave’s career doesn’t come to an end with an injury this year i think we’ll see Casey playing for another team next year.

Radio said that Printers might be able to go against Toronto. He is not on injury reserve list. He’s only holding for converts and FG’s

From my point of view I could care less who starts. AllI’m interested in is 2 points and if D.D. can continue to deliver the W’s ( albeit not prettily ) then IMO he starts - end of controversey. I’m sure this is along the same lines of Wally’s thinking.

This year BC need both these guys if they want to be in the hunt for the Grey Cup in Vancouver this season. The waters are muddied right now as Casey is apparently hurt and the coach won’t take a chance playing him until he is fine. It is also a convenient excuse for the coach as he is a big Dickenson fan and knows Dave D will stay with BC until his career is done and Casey could flee after a couple of years (if the NFL calls him).

This is not a knock on our now no. 3 guy, Buck Pierce as I believe this guy can play in this league and has shown to be an exciting and talented player in the one exhibition game I saw him in vs. Calgary. He is a gutsy QB with an ability to learn and read CFL defences.

What I love about Casey is his ability to make big plays and really excite the team and the crowd.

It was absolute horse sh*t that Casey did not get into the Grey Cup game vs Toronto last year if for no other reason to allay the concerns of the BC fans who will now never know if BC didn’t fire all its weapons in that game and if one of those, Casey Printers could have turned the game for BC. It was definitely one of the major factors I didn’t buy season tickets this year as I am frustrated with the hesitancy of Buono to give this guy a chance.

To add to that point about the benching of Casey for the Grey Cup as he was the guy who got him to the big dance.

I am pretty sure that there were a lot of people like me who would have bought season tickets this year who didn’t because of the idiotic decision not to play Printers even a series in that game.

Buono benched Mantyka from the O- line last game for a bit as they were being shredded by Ottawa. Why not give the other QB a chance when DD is not moving the ball? It is the ego of some coaches that gets in the way of some of these decisions and Buono can be like other coaches that way.

Yeah… Buono strikes me as another Adam Rita… in the sense that he has his #1 guy… even if theres a chance he’s not the real #1 guy…

as far as benching Dave if he’s not moving the ball… i think Buono has a much longer leash on Dave than he does on Casey… Grey Cup is a prime example… if it had been Casey that got the start and had the same type of game as Dave did… Wally would have probably pulled him in the 3rd.

And Buck… looked decent… but still need to see him in a few regular season games before i go giving him any praise…