Dickenson only lasts two full games...

...before getting injured again. Has this guy ever made it through an entire season?

He made it through 2 consecutive entire seasons. In San Diego. Carrying a clip board. No word on any near misses due to paper cuts.

:lol: I don't think he has ever played a full season. A funny thing, he's on Madden 2002 and his OVR is 59/99.
:roll: :lol: :lol: :lol: Nice one Leisure suit Larry! Nice one!
:lol: :lol: Leisure suit Larry. That's hilarious.

He's been called that since day one here by some....just not always in open forum.....


I actually like "leisure suit larry". Although, it's not as good as rw05's all time best nick name. Turkey Nuts.

The funny thing is I don't think he's finished a game at Taylor field in 3 years.

Larry you are a good sport but I have to tell you Turkeynuts came from a poster that well she has left us. Saskargo the Rider hater! Nice lady really! I have ahd a few too but really I would get banned using them.

Now thats not get a swelled head okay! You will sound like fans from another team I know. And please for Ro's sake take those dumb caps off it makes you look like well you tell him Ro! :lol: :lol: Seriously it is not nice!

Dust could it be the pregame meal? Or would it be your defense feasts on him. Remember the Stamps players did not pick Regina for food right!

Perhaps you're on to something, if the O-line is hungry then they're not going to play as well, which equals Dickenson on his butt a lot.

Turkey nuts is a good one.

does last nite count as a missed game?....i predicted DD would miss atleast 6, so was that 1 last nite ( he only played a QTR )?

This is exactly why I posted in earlier threads that a Pierce trade with the Bombers would not happen. Some posters here were so convinced that with all BC's glaring weaknesses that for sure they were desperate enough for help in those positons that they would be willing to ditch either Tyrone Williams PLUS Buck Pierce to get Doug Brown or Aaron Hunt PLUS Buck Pierce for Brown . Or ditch Rob Murphy(or anyone of our other linemen) PLUS Buck Pierce for one of Winnipeg's spare O-linemen. Or even a such a stupid 2 for one swap for Roberts or one of the Bomber defensive ends . :roll: And I was just being arrogant to say we didn't need to make such a trade .
To those posters(they know who they are) all I can do is give you one of these :stuck_out_tongue: and :lol: and no a trade is still not going to happen

...Delicate Dave is certainly a good reason for the leos to stay topped up on reserve qbs,... and for the players mentioned in the so-called trade...forget it....and IF we Bombers) wanted one of the the lions qbs. such as J. Jackson...i believe he's a free agent next year, maybe w'll give it a look then....why trade????????? :roll:

I wasn't referring to you , nor do I want to restart such a stupid topic. Just pointing out the stupidity of what was said earlier by some here . Don't worry I agree with you , no trade happens. We don't need it

Its looking to me like Daves career is going to
be shortened by concussions, which really sucks
even if he does play for the enemy.

How many has he had now?

Seeing the video of the hit that hurt him, it was deliberate leading with helmet to helmet shot by Fred Perry that went unnoticed/ignored by the refs . That is one of those shots that the league is supposed to have cracked down on . And then Murphy gets the roughing penalty shortly after. Now what does that make Perry - a dirty player/cheap shot artist?
Hope Wally sends a complaint of that one to the league .
Anyone would have been hurt by that shot.