Dickenson on the radar?

This is not a slag on Buono (so relax mods :wink: ). I’m a big fan.

However I think Dave Dickenson is going to be a hot head coaching commodity next year.

I believe that Wally has sent out signals that he is reconsidering his dual role. The GM duties are consuming and with Bob Ackles death there seems to be a lack of leadership at the top. Buono I think assumes that role as well. The corporate image of the Lions is slipping. That has to be addressed.

I also believe that Dickenson will be heavily sought after by Tillman to coach Edmonton next year.

I believe we’ll see Dickenson here next year. If we don’t I believe he’ll be snapped up in Edmonton.

Buono would be great mentor and Wally’s skills can be utilized fully elsewhere rather than in pushing his envelope on the field.

…I also think Dickenson will one day be a great head coach, but I don’t think that day will have 2011 after it…I further think my stamps will lose a coordinator next year to a head coach position with another team but that coordinator will be Chris Jones, not DD…

…you gotta remember too, Dave’s home in Montana is only like a three and a half hour drive from Calgary, that’s pretty convenient (although lots of money can overcome that obstacle)…

Ah…ya he’s a good one as well.
you think he’ll be the first one hired hey?
Interesting. Guess we’ll see.