Dickenson moving up in Cowtown

From QB Coach to Offensive Coordinator! Good for him, he proved a decade ago he has an amazing mind for offense in this league. He seems to be working out great on the sidelines and one day will make a great head coach.
I'd cheer for him more but that would come at the expense of my Lions.

Good for him. :thup:

Can tell how much I pay attention - I thought he already was the OC. Did the Stamps not have an official OC last season after Cortez left?

…not an ‘official’ OC per se BB, Hufnagel was HC and acting OC and DD was the QB coach, but in all reality half-way through the season Dave was calling the plays and was the defacto OC in action if not in name…I’m sure he proved to Huf quickly he was capable and this promotion simply makes good on the role Dave was playing already…

Is it just me or does DD look like Toby from The Office (american version)

....Michael probably wouldn't like DD :lol:

Good for him although he'd look better as OC in Vancouver 8)

I bet Dave will take over for Huff when he decides to move up and retain the GM job only.

How old is Huf? Would he really be looking to go upstairs?

He turned 59 in September.