Dickenson may be out for season.

Talk is that due to the numerous concussions this season, Dave Dickenson may have to sit out the rest of the season. Should make things interesting down the stretch. Also Buck Pierce is hurting too. Wow, this could really hurt the Lions down the stretch!!!!!!

...music to my ears for next week

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You wish… :stuck_out_tongue: :roll:

No, Dickenson was just a little shook up, he'll be fine, and Buck will get over his pinched nerve quick enough. He's still young and will heal well.

Im not going to say that was a cheap hit on Dave because it wasnt but man that was definately uncalled for and almost a late hit by dirty bastard II.

Our D always steps up big against Dickenson and sacks him and levels him with big hits every chance they get. I'm expecting Dave to go down early against us from a monster hit from Fred Perry or Jackie Mitchell or anyone, and it'll be a well played game from both ends against Buck Pierce. For that fact it might be wise to let Dave sit and rest for the playoffs.

Why send out Dave against a Sask D that always pounds him into next week to give him another concussion? Also remember Pierce beat us last year when he played in Regina so I'd like the chance to play him again here and beat him.

Dickenson = MR. Glass

lol nice call drummer. I think Dickenson is pretty weak to cheap falling. I would like to see Buck get the starting roll next week

....i have my doubts that DD...will make it to the end of the year.....considering his fragile state and the punishment his 'o' line is allowing him to take....reminds me of another qb....who wears BlueandGold...Even though Calvillo is getting a rough ride right now....watch how he has learned to take a big hit...he is always healthy 98% of the time...Burris is another one ...and Ray for the Esks....Dickenson is a small guy in a big-guys game...and you know he's gonna get mauled...but his 'o' line sure ain't helping him out... :roll:

ray always gets up....dickenson always stays down.

what good is dickensons eff. rating when you cant rely on him to be there next game?

Saying “Dickenson may be out for the season” is as silly and misleading as naming “Ron Lancaster coach of the year.” Dickenson is fine and should be back soon. Injuries are mostly due to bad luck. Despite injuries, Dickenson has the top quarterback efficency rating. For years, BC has had the most productive offense because of the quarterbacks willingness to sacrifice themselves. This year, BC chance of winning the grey cup is better because of improved defense and special teams.

When playing, Dave is the best QB in the league.

You're kidding right?
If not then that has got to the dumbest thing I have heard here yet!

It was not "cheap" but it was "uncalled for" and "ALMOST LATE"!!!!!!!

Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to whine about!

The hit was fine, nothing wrong with it at all.

Dickenson will be playing, and playing hard on Sunday.

The O-line is doing a good job, unlike last year's where they were as porous as a noodle strainer.

Dave looked to have hit the back of his head with a whiplash motion which could make the blow more severe then it first looked. The turf still has a cement base.
I'm sure the team doctor will have the last word before Dickinson plays again.

“What good is Dickenson’s efficiency rating when you can’t rely on him to be there the next game??????

Is this a trick question? Even if Dickenson did not play another game in ’06, I’d hazard a guess and say that Dickenson’s efficiency rating is good for a league leading 9-3 record, a probable 1st or 2nd place finish in the West, a mentoring opportunity for Buck Pierce to learn and develop, a 7-0 winning streak, and a Lions team that believes that they are the best in the league going into the last third of the season. What will happen next game is pure conjecture; what has happened – due in large part to DD’s efficiency rating – is reality and the reality is that BC is much better positioned to win it all now then they were when the season started. If it’s only the Lions that can’t rely on their starting QB to be there the next game, why are the other teams wasting their money on backups?
Next question.

Seriously you guys need to go watch something else then tackle football! Lawn bowling just might be your speed!

BC still has to play the hungary TICAT defence twice....mark my words he will be out!!!!!!!

You really got to quit hanging out with AJ Gass :lol:

IS this assuming he makes it past the Green and White ?? :lol: :lol:

Dickensen will be watching out for Schultz, and Mitchell... but when he least expects it Perry will crush him from backside, I can almost garuntee this...