Dickenson Losing His Cool

Dave Dickenson did his best Jason Maas imitation during the game yesterday.

This kind of explains what he said and why. Does he get docked 1/2 game paycheck for this? :slight_smile:


There you go… Proof these knuckleheads are paid way too much.

“F…g” Canadian O’Shea? Methinks Dave Dickenson is simply jealous and wishes he could score as much action off the field as O’Shea.


He’s probably wishing he was Canadian right about now .lol


I was wondering if the Mafia thing would leak out or not…guess it has…per link

I suggested I might know what he actually said in the WF thread but didn’t want to put it out there…sounds like it was indeed “fn Canadian mafia” lol

That’s been an inside reference to them for a while now. A slightly longer audio would likely represent that.

Funny stuff

Perhaps read in entirety

…DD takes his anger out on innocent referees, JM takes his anger out on innocent sideline equipment…the league protects referees, but who stands up for the poor equipment?

It wasn’t towards refs lol

Okay…un a sense it actually was…but the words that are setting people off were not

…oh I agree, the refs were simply in the blast zone, just like those helpless headphones, or gatorade cooler, or clipboard…

Actually, the first behaviour you’ve mentioned is a quantum leap worse.


…apparently you don’t know what quantum actually means…unless you’re referring to the Scott Bakula television series, in which case I don’t know what your point is…

I swear I look at the Gatorade jug clip at least 4 times a week. It’s just one of those things that no matter your day you can’t help but chuckle at

…the Canadian Mafia though…love it, adds a new depth to the CFL behind the scenes world…

…its’a gooder…

Yeah…I find it hilarious. It dates back a bit to Karen Kuldy’s Million dollar kick return that she never won…you know the Safeway TD to win thing:

I heard it from a particular coach a couple days after that (no…not Jones)…He was like “the Fricken Canadian Mafia…takin poor Karen’t money” lol

Apparently he dubbed them the (her name) Killers, but it was immediately dubbed “KKK” so was wisely changed up on the spot. It refers to O’Shea, Miller and Walters combination

……yes there is more to the nickname than that…but saying more will jut get some hot and bothered

I used the term in the standard dictionary sense:

quantum leap [b][url=https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/noun]noun[/url][/b]

Definition ofquantum leap

:an abrupt change, sudden increase, or dramatic advance


…Merriam-Webster, what words did they add this year to appease the language destroyers in our society?..my bet is jelly


  1. sort of like Jealous, but hipper.

…I was hoping (somehow) that is was the Scott Bakula reference though…

…awesome stuff, had no idea, thanks for the insight…

So will it be Joe Pesci as Wade Miller?

Don’t look up the meaning of the word “literally”.
You will throw up when you find that enough people who don’t understand its correct meaning now use it so frequently and incorrectly that dictionaries now define the meaning to be the opposite of what it has always correctly meant.
::slight_smile: >:( :o