Dickenson: 'I'm just really proud of them'

VANCOUVER —  In a dramatic game that saw seven lead changes over the course of four quarters, Riders head coach Craig Dickeson was happy with the level of composure his team held en route to their 31-24 win on Friday night.

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In a game that featured seven lead changes, the Riders won a huge game on the road versus the Lions. Cody Fajardo saved his best for last with a final drive resulting in a 1 yard quarterback sneak which made the score 25-24 with two seconds left on the clock. He gets my game ball, and now the Riders are 5-2 alone in second place in the mighty West division. :star_struck: :100: :gem: :football: :canada:

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One very exciting game.


Well they are exciting to watch. I am a die hard Stamp fan but I will be cheering onthe riders when they do not play my helpless stamps. Go Riders!


It appears Dickenson is going to challenge for coach of the year. They just have to figure out how to get past the Bombers he needs to pick the mind of his brother who had a plan and it worked except he did not have the team in place to complete the job.

Only gotta the Bombers in the playoffs.... Rider s done it to the Stamps many times... The question is always, will it happen or not... The Bombers be a pretty fine team right now and will show be showing up big in the playoffs too.

Thanks to the infinite wisdom of these schedule makers you won't be cheering for Sask for over a month. Riders next 3 games are against the Stamps. This is the kind of thing that make this league so mickey mouse. Three in a row against the same team????

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It is a strange year but because of, you know what, and I wasn't part of the process, everyone is doing the best they can in a bad time in history. Hopefully things will be a bit more normal next season if anyone is still alive :joy:

It really was a showcase game for the league. Had me on the edge of my seat to the end.

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What a game to watch! I’m a stamps fan but I’m enjoying watching the lions have success… even with the loss last night. That whitehead is fun to watch! BC has a fun looking team.

The bombers are peaking early and sometimes that can be a bad thiing.

Or they are just that good and getting better is an option too

Yes it is dumb but expected due to the short season.

This will make it easy for the dickenson brothers to celebrate Thanksgiving

I don't know about Alberta...but I fully expect everyone else to still be alive next season!