Dickenson HIT digital video clip

I’m not sure if this is legal or anything, but I am looking to see if anyone has a digital clip of that hit that might be willing to share it with me. Anyone have it?


Dave watch out for that truck thump to late! :lol:

…ouch…no wonder he threw his helmet…after that hit …i think he may have forgotten which was his lid…and which was the ball…clean hit though… :lol:

He didn't throw his lid after that hit, he threw it after he threw his second interception that sealed the game for the Riders.

...i know roughy....but don't you think that kind of hit lingers a bit....lol :lol:

I'm sure he's still feeling it.

He was still icing his shoulder on Monday.

Somebody (Warren?) missed a blocking assignment big time!

Yeah it was Warren. It was his second read, his first was Hunt.

you mean the same Warren who is now riding the pine…

one word comes to mind after seeing that...

ouch! :cowboy:

guess DD isn't the QB that BC was hoping he would be.

How was that DD's fault Kanga? Warren missed a block and he didn't see him coming. Dave is still a great quarterback, proven by his touchdown to interception ratio.

should have held onto the ball like his hands are covered in tar, shame on Warren, but you gotta hold on to the ball.

You should always expect to get hit in Football

If you don't see a guy coming and get blind-sided it's very hard to hold onto the ball. He can't always have two hands on it, especially when he believes there is no one around him.

lol... That's like saying a guy without a seatbelt should remain in his seat during a car crash.

I would take Dickenson over Glen any day.

And as Roughy pointed out, how can any QB hold onto the ball when he gets blind sided by the hit he took?

How could he hold onto the ball? Ask a buddy to hit you in the same fashion KK, and see if you can hold onto a ball after a hit like that... on the up side, a hit like that could knock some sense into you, KK.....

I defy anyone to hold onto the ball after a hit like that. Try this at home Kanga...run out into the street with a football in your hand look down the street for a cab keep looking looking looking ... still got the ball????

Agreed that it's ALMOST impossible to hold onto a ball in that situation. But...after watching that clip, and noticing that DD is right handed, and the player was coming from his right side,There was no blind spot! He really should have seen him coming.

Except he was looking to his left and expecting Mitchell to be picked up.