Dickenson gone for the season

A reliable source close to me has told me that DD is gone for the season and this may be the end of his playing days . The team may keep him around as a QB coach and to help out the offence . this has come about after Printers was signed with the cats which has got Wally up in arms cause they could have signed for at least this year. the team is divided and probably the reason for the lack of intensity shown the last 2 games.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if DD was done for the year or even his career. I hope he does what is best for his health. He has lots of life to live.As far as Printers goes. There is no way that he was coming here. It was to much of a circus that was run by Printers and his agent. Not everything was done as well as it could have been by the Lions but it was goofy while he was here. Pierce and Jackson are good players that I think can do the job. I like DD though. He was good when he was healthy.

Love to know who your inside source is as I attended a practice last week and Dickenson threw more balls than Pierce and was active the entire practice.

Word was we could see him dressed in 2 weeks.

Obviously whatever source (if there ever was one) that oilerrocker was talking about is complete garbage. DD was in full pads practicing.He is not a Lions fan so who knows why he posted his inaccurate staement?? Good to see DD going harder but i hope he is making the right move by coming back.

So you might think that im not a lions fan but check my post on the cfl blog anyway wait and see if DD is comming back there is a big difference from practise to game ready .

Forget about Dickenson coming back. Jarious has the hot hand. Dickenson is boring to watch; Jarious is more exciting to watch and will attract more fans.

Just listening to Dickenson talk on 1040 makes me roll my eyes; he sounds so distant and disinterested

My apologies.....I must have based it some negative remarks you have made. My mistake.

I hope Dave makes a decision in the best interest of his health. I'd hate to see him come back and suffer another concussion and then feel the effects for many years to come.

There are more important things in life than football, I hope Dave takes these into consideration.

Hes probably pushing himself for the last week or so to see if there is a chance on coming back, but if he gets hit again I think it would be over for good. You dont know what he is thinking maybe he knows the end is coming and would like to at least get back in for the rest of the year cause if he doesnt it might be over for him anyway. I think you really have to put yourself in his situation theres a ton of different things he would be thinking of short term and long term

DD could be preparing himself for the role of 2nd stringer behind Jackson or Pierce (backup role)

DD is boring? When Dave was healthy he saw the field better and was more accurate than any Lions QB I've ever seen. Very exciting.

Trust me no one is coming to the games to see Jarious. As soon as Buck is ready Jarious grabs the pine.

I really don't think DD is boring , How can you say that he has only won the Lions the cup last year, and has basically been the main player the Lions use to promote the Game in Vancouver ( maybe geroy as well) I think you are wrong about him IMO. I am sure he won't be back this year but hope for a return next year . I think that rules need to be inplace to protect QB's across the whole league. I know Football is a tough game But I still shake my head when I see players that weigh 250 + running full tilt and blindsiding a person, Do they not think that someone is going to get hurt. I really think their needs to be some kind of protection or a agreement amongst the players to stop this kind of hitting .

Oilerrocker, just to confirm you I was responding to the above quote. I love the way Dave plays.

Winning a Grey Cup is boring and pointless to 120db. There's a reason for posters on Lionbackers to be quoting 120db in their signature ya know. :roll:
Maybe I should put it into my sig as well :wink: hey 120?

and clearly a lot of other people think winning a Grey Cup is boring and pointless or they'd have their asses inside the dome on a game to game basis like Seahawks fans do in Seattle; there for every game, not just there once a year for when the media hypes it up to be an "event".

oh I forgot, the Canucks and Giants played tonight. good reason to keep your butt at home

Don't worry, Braley is noticing the empty seats. He's the one losing his ass on this team. One day he'll announce the team is for sale and that'll get everyone suddenly concerned

and Lions fans are pretty quiet and boring themselves, not like the fans in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan

Dumbsell is that you? Lions had over 32000 last night. How does that equate to Braley losing his ass? Quit making up BS. As far as quiet and boring goes, when the games count why have the lions been accused of pumping sound into the stadium? Its because we are a loud bunch o fools!

Shut up with your made up garbage.

i never wrote this