Dickenson fined for throwing helmet

Did anyone read a report that states Dave Dickenson was fined for throwing his helmet in the game versus the Riders? If you have read the report, please publish the link so I may read it for myself!

Never heard that one , but I seen the play on TV and he looked like a big Baby throwing it..

Good! He deserved the fine!

.....OMG!!!.....dont let FootbalYouBet see this, he will blow a brain gasket knowing that there was another NON-STORY not put on the website.....

that would be so it they said they were reviewing for possible fine, then never told us the result.

so there :stuck_out_tongue:

which actually I wouldnt put it past them

Ditto I agree, He deserved the fine.

I'm looking for a published report; please post the link!

Now take note certain Rider fans if this headline is true , one of our guys gets a fine and watch how we don't go on crying and whining endlessly about it.

Not only that, but he would have deserved the fine. It was unsportsmanlike conduct, IMO. Dickenson has been in the pros long enough that a childish act like that should never even happen.

I still haven’t seen a published report! Has anyone seen the fine published? Please pass the link on!