Dickenson doesn’t sound happy

but calling out injured players might not be a good idea. i don’t disagree with him but not sure about that pubic approach.

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One maxim in leadership: praise in public, punish in private.


Stamps already have a rep for not paying top players and having an aging facility, and this sort of thing isn’t going to help them attract more.


Seems he’s walking a fine line here, you don’t want to lose the room, it’ll all go downhill from there. Maybe I should of picked Mont.



You gotta have a good training staff too to help guys get prepared and get through those bumps and bangs…


Dave doesn’t look happy neither. He is definitely frustrated with the results so far. He was not frustrated with the losses to BC Lions and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers because those are 2 of the top 3 teams in the CFL and there were no expectations of a “W” so all he wanted was his team to “compete.” All of the other games played were definitely winnable for the Stampeders but when it ends up being an “L”, Dave can’t help but be frustrated. I am sure the majority of the players are frustrated as well.

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how about the trainers…the conditioning coach…the opposition???

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not sure the best way to address the injury issue if the coach feels some of the guys arent doing their part to stay healthy but I do believe it is up to him to do something about it. If these players dont like it I guess its tough sheet. You are going to lose if players are not healthy or if they dont want to play for you. Need to fix it one way or another. IMO for what it is worth

Sounds like hes finding out being coach and GM is far from what he thought it was and the GM part is no where near as easy as Huff made it look…

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Yeah…but Huff was taking on one job…Dickenson thinks he can do everything…what an ego!!!

Huf did both jobs for a while when he first started. He somehow always managed to do both really well.

Dickenson sticks with vets, and cuts those who disagree with him, aka, Ambles. Same excuses week in , week out. No passion within the team seems like, much better entertainment many years ago when we were 6-10 for a few years, then 2-12-2. Fans love the game, lets enjoy it. get kids back in the stands.

Wonder how long Maiers leash is now? Dickenson must be seeing by now that Jake isn’t proving to be the next BLM. I’m a bit surprised that there doesn’t seem to be a QB controversy looming.

Yea it was devoid of fans the last few home games

His team is doing the “Oh no not again” on him. You could see the shoulders slump and the wind go right out of the offence more than a few times yesterday.

Going through the stats - there’s a lot that says it’s not all Maier. It’s more like everyone has a copy of their play book and Maier is having to improvise a lot too to keep the offence on the field.

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I mentioned in another forum that Tre Ford has the je nais se quois that makes players around him better. I can’t say that about Maier.

Well I can agree. I can agree that he is a team leader too. But it works that way, you go score points and you can go back to the bench and challenge the defence to get the ball back so you can score some more.

Maier - doesn’t get the ball out quick enough to play the ball control offence Calgary wants to play. Lots of wide outs and bubble screens fail because the defence knows where the ball is going before its out of Maier’s hand. Which is part of the interception problems too.


He just forces the ball and some really bad decisions as QB