Dickenson Back to the NFL??

Due to somewhat horrible NFL quarterback play this season, apparently there's been some new interest in Dickenson again south of the border. I heard on the radio this past week that sources inside the Raiders organization as well as the Detroit Lions may be soliciting Dickenson as a backup quarterback for the 2007 season. They said that since he's only a year short of an NFL pension, has had injury problems but has a steady mistake free and intelligent style of game, and also that he's never been given an actual shot at playing in the NFL... that accompanied with the Lions dragging their feet at signing a contract extention... He may be ready for a final shot at the NFL instead of just being traded from the BC lions...

If you heard it from David Pratt or Tony Galagher, I have some shares to sell you for the Golden Ears Bridge.

Which radio station was this? (or who?)

Radio station out of either Portland or Seattle... not sure the one. Haven't heard any mention of it since though.

Personally, I'd like to see what Dave can do in the NFL, but I'd rather see BC make the appropriate commitment to him as well... he's got alot of game left... and I doubt he wants to hand the reins over to Buck P. quite yet.

At his age and with his injury history, your dreaming if you think any nfl team would give him a shot. I also think he want's to finish his carrer playing, not holding a clip board.

I think it makes alot of sense for him, go to the NFL be a back up for one year, maybe get in a few games and show what he can do.

It would be the smart business decision, if you have the opportunity to make a 200,000 thousand dollars for one year plus qualify for NFL pension (another few thousand a month forever), it is a good move.

From an economic perspective anyway.

Does the CFL have a decent pension plan?

He's making 400,000 a year with BC now , so why would he want ride the pine for 200? Maybe the pension would be a good thing for him . Don't know what his pension status is in the NFL , how much more time he would need.

If he stay's with BC , he's also got a good shot at launching a good coaching career. His name does keep coming up as a candidate for BC's OC for the not to distant future.

He has 2 years of experience in the NFL so the minimum he would make would be 450,000 (I just threw out the first figure without researching his experience, 250,000 is the rookie minimum in the NFL). So at minimum he would make 50,000 more than now.

NFL retirement includes a 2 dollar for evey 1 dollar matching into a 401K and it only takes 3-4 years in the league to qualify for an NFL pension.

So if Dickenson makes an economic decision the NFL would be the move:

450,000 next year and qualify for pension
500,000 the next year
585,000 for the 3 following years

Of course this assumes he sticks in the NFL.

More than likely in order to get him back to the NFL some team will have to offer him a deal worth slightly above the minimum and with a decent signing bonus.

I would think something like 3 yrs./2 million (with a 250,000 dollar bonus) would be the kind of deal that he would strongly consider. Which would make him an underpaid back up QB, so easily within the realm of possibility and cheap enough that if he stinks the team can easily release him with a small financial hit (to NFL team 250,000 is a small hit since top undrafted free agents whom have little chance of making the team may get a 25-50,000 dollar bonus just to come to camp).

But even at the minimum he makes more than in the CFL and likely earns pension rights (which are very valuable)

In addition if he took the 50,000 extra he made at the minimum next year and placed it in a 401K an additional 100,000 would be put into the 401K account.

Wow... that was quite a bit of economic analysis!!

That's an interresting thought about Dickenson becoming an offensive coordinator. I'm not sure what assistant coaches make in the CFL, but I'm pretty sure that there's a bunch of big colleges South of the Border that will likely play much more. It's obvious that Dave's an incredibly intelligent person (on and off the field) and he'll undoubtedly make the right decision.

I don't think Dickenson's career would end up in Canada if he gave the NFL another shot. Dave could give the NFL another feeler for a season, then likely sign with another CFL team if things don't work out again...

It's obvious that Buck is going to take over as starter in the VERY near future, probably the first time Dickenson has a poor game next season or gets hurt.

Soooooooo... next season, which do you think Dave would prefer?.... Holding a clipboard for the BC Lions... then being traded? Or holding a clipboard for the Detroit Lions, earning an additional pension, making just about as much money as in the CFL, then if he doesn't have much luck... come back to the CFL to a team that wants him (and you can't tell me nobody would want him).

If Dave's reading this... Give the NFL another shot if you get the opportunity!! You know that you've got what it takes... you just need the shot!! What do you got to lose?? CFL's always here to welcome ya back for another couple of years if things don't work out!!

Go Griz!!

That all sounds great but Dave has already said he wants to stay here and the money don't matter to him any more . Sounds like he's doing just fine already , but should he want to take another crack at the NFL , I would understand it. But he seems to have that out of his system now , although I think he's a way better QB than so many deadbeats they got playing down there now.

A friend of mine at work just contacted Ken Staninger (Dave's agent) through his website. He actually replied to him and said when asked if Dickenson has been entertaining any NFL offers ... "At this time, we are open to all options" It's probably pretty obvious that they are negotiating with BC for sure, but maybe they aren't talking to JUST BC, infact, it's probably more than likely that they have probed interest from NFL teams. Any thoughts?

I guess anything can happen, but,

I feel since Dave's age is against him, plus being injury prone,it just seems like such a long shot.

But, I guess anything is possible in the NFL....

Dickenson has already qualified for an NFL Pension you guys smokin that wacky BC Weed again!

I am pretty sure you will see Dickenson in a B.C Lions uniform next year! Can't see him playing in the NFL with his injury problems.

Dickenson needs to suit up for exactly 3 games to qualify for an NFL pension.

If BC was serious about him coming back next year, there would be a contract signed and Dickenson would be out doing promotional activities, appearances, and etc.

BC almost dumped him last year in order to keep Printers, and Dave was pretty upset with how they strung him along. He's not going to fall for false promises and crap like that again.

The same exact thing will happen with Dave this year as did Printers last year. BC will sign him to a new contract (for much less money so his rights are tradeable)... Dave will see the writing on the wall and leave for the NFL for a year... earn his pension... and if he doesn't get lucky, he'll sign as a free agent to a decent CFL team that actually wants him there until he retires.

Sounds VERY believable to me.

I can't see Dave going anywhere. Besides, I heard on the radio yesterday that Wally has begun talking to Dave's agent about a contract extension. Why would he leave the B.C./CFL to go ride the pine in the NFL??? I don't think Dave is going anywhere. Why would he leave when we have the 2 BEST QB's in the league. Besides, the relationship between Dave & Buck is better than it was between Dave & Mr. Hotdog Printers.

I think Dave’s gonna get screwed by BC… the writings on the wall.

What do you base that comment on?

For some reason my post didn't display after I submitted it... so instead of typing it all over again.. I just summed it up with " Dave's gonna get screwed by BC" Now that I read it, it's really not all that informative! ha!

The benefits to Dickenson staying on the Lions are not very clear to me:

  1. He'll negotiate a contract for Less money per year than he currently makes.

  2. His backup was signed immediately to a lucrative, multi-year deal with a load of incentives all based on when he overtakes Dickenson.

  3. What Buono says... and what Buono does are two entirely different things. (example: strung Dave along last year until they determined as to what Printers was doing)

  4. If Dickenson signs a multi-year deal, loses his job to Buck because of his reasonable talent and upside/potential (similar to the Printers controversy), then Dave is stuck as the backup until his contract expires (and he's way to talented to be a backup in the CFL... I don't know how anyone can argue with that).

  5. Dickenson may say that he'd like all three quarterbacks to return next year for another run, but that's just the "Right" thing to say... translated, that means "Treat me right, or I'll be someone else's Grey Cup QB next season"

Oh yeah, a friend of Dickenson's family back in Montana just emailed me and the suposed "inside scoop" is that there is NO "inside scoop" to be reported... BC and Dickenson's agent have talked but no negotiations have occurred and they are weighing all CFL, NFL, and retirement options at this time.

That would be interresting if Dave pulled an Elway and retired at the peak of his career... I hadn't really thought about that before... but I guess it could happen.