Dickenson as MVP

Anyone care to comment on how QB Dickenson tosses the ball for less than 200yds and zero TD's and manages to leave with the cup, and $10,000 to boot!

For once it'd be nice not to see the winning team's QB take home multiple prizes~!!!

who else where going to Name is Game won't my the kicker...

I thought Dickenson was the obvious choice.

Thing is, the game he managed did not require big passing numbers.

He repeatedly sustained drives by running for first downs on second and long.

Gutsy, determined leadership that lead to a championship.

Sorry, when your team scores 25 points total in a game, and one player scores 19 of those points he deserves to win MVP. McCallum got scr*wded.

I disagree. All field goals that were attempted should have been made. He did nothing exceptional.

Sure, he kicked a 47 yarder, and good on him, but all others were 35, 34, 30, 24, and 21 yards. Nothing outstanding. No bad weather, no bad holds, no big rushes.

It was Dickenson and his gutsy running, diving head first repeatedly that allowed the Lions to get into field goal position.

Why not McCallum? Tied a Grey Cup record, hit 100% in an outdoor stadium with sub-zero temperatures, and his points alone could have won the game. If Dickenson had managed his drives so well, why didn't he score more majors -- or any in the second half? An MVP award for McCallum would have been poetic justice for those Rider fans who "dumped" on him (and his neighbours ...)

My pick was McCallum! In fact, I would've thought McCallum was a no-brainer. But, what do I know?

I actually think Canadian players are at a disadvantage in the MVP running because they always default the top Canuck - even if he's THE best player in the game - to Outstanding Canadian instead of MVP.

Very true. See I thought McCallum shoud have been MVP and Javier Glatt should have been Outstanding Canadian. He was an absolute fiend on D.

Wasn't necessary. The Lions' defence was dominant. Dickenson set his team up for easy field goals.

All were easy, run of the mill field goals. Very routine. As I've said, MacCallum did nothing extraordinary.

Wasn't necessary? If we can be complacent about Dickenson's modest performance (both Pierce and Jackson spelled him off without BC missing a step), then why hold out against McCallum? If all kickers were 100%, I could see your point.

To follow your argument, Dickenson didn't do anything extraordinary either. He just did his job too. If diving instead of sliding on runs makes a guy the MVP, that is pretty sad.

Dickenson was mediocre in that game at best and basically was awarded the MVP because he has the initals QB after his name.

While I don't disagree with Dickenson being named, nor would I necessarily disagree with McCallum being named...I DO wonder how much the fact McCallum only being in on 6 plays had to do with the decision.

And this is probably the heart of our disagreement.

I see Dickenson as a QB who is not known for his running.

Sliding would not have gotten alot of those first downs that he did get by diving head first. I think he did play exceptionally in that aspect of the game.

Most of those runs were not planned runs and many were second and long. He continued to amaze me.

The kicks did not, although 6 for 6 in a Grey Cup is no small achievement.

It was a boring game: they had to pick somebody.