Dickenson And Pierce

Any news on Dickenson and Pierce, will they be good for thursday? I believe that DD will be ready as because of the coverage TSN gave on him on Friday, i belive they said he could have come back but isnt going to because of the lead and to minimize the risk of furthuring his injuries. I havent heard anything on Pierce, however regarding Jarious Jackson i dont believe he gets the credit he deserves as TSN was saying that due to him being the lions 3rd string Saskatchewan had a good chance at coming back on friday. Any thoughts or news lemme know

On Monday, there might be more news about the conditions of quarterbacks but Buono tends to keep fans and opponents guessing until gameday. Dickenson and Pierce can benefit from resting before facing Calgary. BC can still win with Jackson as QB as proven in recent Saskatchewan game and previous meeting against Hamilton in 2006. New quarterbacks behind Jackson are talented but less known to most people. Buono was willing to trade Jackson because of good replacements in mind?

Nothing against DD but I heard today he has concusion like symptoms. I think he should think about hanging it up after this year before anything serious happens... you can only take so many hits like that before it is serious... Matt Dunigan had to ask himself the same thing before he retired.

Pierce is in on thursday as per team 1040

I think he should seriously thinking about retiring now! If the symptoms clear-up really quickly, then and only then, maybe considering coming back to practice. If the symptoms linger - for his own health he should pack-it-in. I'd hate to watch the game the next time he is concussed and ends up with a permanent brain disability.

Make him the Quarterback coach.

I beleive Matts wife had some say in the matter. Is DD married?

Buck's been practicing without a glove for a couple days now and he's getting some really good spin on the ball. He was messing around and threw a ball about 45 yards straight up in the air. Dave will
rest for at least 2 weeks.