Dickenson and Burris coming to Saskatchewan?

Compliments of Mitchell Blair's blog:

Cuthbert throws this out when talking about Dave Dickenson.....

A fascinating sidebar to Dickenson assuming the reins in Saskatchewan is the possibility of Henry Burris accompanying the Stampeders Offensive Coordinator. Hamilton would still appear the best fit for Burris, but a package deal of Dickenson and Burris to Saskatchewan would certainly fuel an off season frenzy in Rider Nation.

Gag! :frowning:

If Burris won't accept backup role in Calgary, why would he accept it in Sask.?

There's not a lot of love for Henry in Sask. I can't really see this happening.

would the Riders seriously give up on Durant just like that? what have they been smoking?

forget that, Burris can go to Hamilton. we HAVE a QB.

I am suprised that Darian hasn't taken more heat than he has for this past season, but I think he is still definitely the way to go. Wouldn't hurt my feelings if Dinwiddie didn't come back.

I am expecting Edmonton to be all over HEEENRRRYYYY now that they axed Ricky Ray.

Most recent report I read was leaning toward Craig over Dave.

That would be my choice. Dave is still pretty raw in the coaching ranks, and really, can you honestely say that Burris and the Stamps offense has not underachieved since Dave came on board to replace Cortez? I don't think Dave is anywhere near ready for this position.

Darian's performance suffered a lot this year at the effect of losing his Centre, his long time blockinf Fullback and his QB coach all in the same offseason... how can that not have an impact? x 3

I think Henry's insulted enough people in Sask that he'd rather not play anywhere than risk coming back to Sask.