Dickenson and Bo Levi need to go!

We've all seen it. Everyone with an IQ has seen it for sure. Dickenson and Bo Levi coach and play in spurts and do not complete games the way they should...Its as if they are throwing games because they wish to be elsewhere...There is no intensitiy on the offense anymore with Mitchell at QB, but Dickenson has such a guy-crush on him, he keeps him in the game even when changes are needed! And believe me, changes are needed here, because I have a sneaky suspicion both of them will end up in Edmonton or something-a team that will give them more money maybe....Whatever is going on here with these two is up for debate, but one thing is obvious; B.C. is obviously coached to win, be intense, never give up, and they very much enjoy their coach and his decisions...We do not see this regularly here in Stamp-land, and its time for changes imho....Dickenson and Bo Levi should either show they care about this team and fans, or they should move over for someone else to take their place that does.....

And a fan shows up to claim the smartest man in the world title

I enjoy watching BC beat Calgary and don't have a problem with how the Stampeders run their team. Welcome to the forum though.


I would agree that Bo has passed his best before date in 2019....and closely approaching his expiration date. He likely could still play as a solid backup QB.
Dicky imo is as good as any coach in the CFL. His problem is he just won't put Bo out to pasture. Bo is no longer fast enough and can no longer complete the long ball with regularity. Bo is getting old, his irregularity will only get worse. :horse_racing::poop:

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The smartest man in the world doesn't always drink beer...



Send them to sask.

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I think Dickerson should go to - - - to Ottawa?

Dickenson should just concentrate on being the head coach and hire an offensive coordinator. Bo should hang it up after this season, maybe make him the QB coach.
There needs to be changes for sure.

Better yet, send them to Toronto

Dickensen is becoming a whiner and frankly I don't think Bo really cares anymore though he still seems tp have Suits convinced he's the second coming

Or Montreal.

Dickenson has always been a whiner, but I think he is still a good coach, maybe a little timid the last game.

Bo started off the season strong. He seems to be regressing as well as his receivers with their drops.

Still a strong team with lots of ability.

Its sad, but familiarity has brought apathy in this city.
They are litterally giving tickets away and no one want them. This is what my union got out of them. Im quiting my job and going to Asia in 2 weeks, but I honestly dont know anyone who would even wanna go anyways

If anyone wants 4 tickets to go to tbe game amd tbe tailgate for free. Give me a message. Ill gladly hook up a felliw CFL fan. I honestly dont know many.. Lol