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It appears as if Dave Dickenson has suffered a major setback in his recovery from concussion-like symptons sustained in a game July 13.

As reported by Sportsnet, Dickenson had a setback over the weekend and can't put together back to back good days in his recovery. Dickenson said he doesn't think he will be ready to return to playing until late September at the earliest

Anyone know what happened here? Just a fluke thing, or something more serious? It looks to me like he could easily be done for the season, and possibly his career, if things don't right themselves soon....

My guess is he's tried to exert himself physically
and either becomes dizzy or nauseous immediately,
or feels the effects the next day.

I think he makes a big mistake ever stepping back on the field.

Not sure what happened to him, but I hope he starts to seriously consider retirement... or at the very least, taking the rest of the season off.

If true, the Lions are done without Dave as the best QB in the league.

I wouldn't say they are done... may be only his second season starting games, but Buck Pierce even when playing injured, gave the Calgary team on its A+ game day a run for the money. And how about that stepped up ~46 yard TD throw in OT that game from one Jarious Jackson....

I think Jarious can get it done, despite being 3rd string, or at least capture as many wins as losses, until Pierce heals up. Much as the rest of us in the West would like the Lions to fade, experience says they're a team that keeps coming back to bite you.

Remember when Flutie was hurt and Garcia had to get the Stamps through the playoffs? Then Suddenly Flutie was ready to play by the time the Grey Cup was rolling around so they started him instead of Garcia. Then the Grey Cup for the first time was handed over to a team that represents American Soil. Despicable.

oooh wait - I almost forgot my point. I see no reason to make Dave sit until the playoffs. I say let Jackson start let Pierce FULLY heal let Dave give some good advice from the sidelines. When Pierce is healed let him play through the playoffs; providing they are in the race by then.

The new BC Lions belongs to Buck Pierce. Let 'er Buck!!!

Im not trying to be an ass at all, but dude needs to probably hang em up...

From the games I have seen, Jackson has been better then Bucky.
Their combined efforts still does not equal to Dave when he is healthy.

I would say Dave is done. To bad his career is going end like this.

I just lope he is getting good advice from his doctors, and that he is sensible enough to take that advice.

Another year or two in football, balanced against the possible permanent damage... no question what he should do, if that's what the medical advice is.

Dave should retire. He has to start thinking about the quality of life he wants after he retires. Matt Dunigan has talked about this sort of thing several times after concussions forced him to retire. He says that if he didn't get out when he did he would have regretted it. He knew it was time to retire after he had trouble stringing sentences together.

I saw a report on concussions years ago. Meril Hoge retired after a concussion in a pre-season game in Chicago with the Bears. After they brought him to the sidelines they asked him the normal questions they ask to see if someone has had a concussion.

"Where are you?" they asked him.

He replied, "Tampa Bay."

They asked him, "How do you know?"

"Because I can hear the ocean," was the reply he gave.

Former New York Jet Wide Receiver Al Toon spoke years after he retired and said that sometiemes the pain was so bad that he considered suicide.

This is serious, scary stuff and Dave needs to think about the right choice so he can have a normal life.

I agree, devastator....no need for DD to come back to prove his worth to those who already know it....better to go out holding his head high while he still has the physical capacity to do so.....

…good gravy Davy, read the blurry writing on the wall while you still can…

…Dickenson sounds like he’s done like dinner…no sense in ruining the rest of your life and always wondering what that ‘swishy’ sound is in the ol cranium…be smart Dave give er up… :thup:

It must be tough. I just hope he uses his head, and I hope the advice he is getting from him doctors, family, and the Lions is the right advice (and I'm sure it is).

Probably ate too much ice cream too quickly.

Seriously though, it really does sound as if his playing days are over. Make him a QB coach, and have a nice retirement party for him.

At the very least, call it quits for this season.

I couldn't have said it better myself, Wilf.

You and me are too old to
leap to any other conclusion.

"From the games I have seen, Jackson has been better then Bucky."

Don't know what games you have been watching.