Dickenson 34 years-old, Printers 24 years-old

I am amazed by BC's decision to not groom Printers NOW.

I'm not.

(1) He still has a bad shoulder
(2) Dickenson passing Percent is 75%
(3) The Lions are 7-0

Printers was injured during training camp and the beginning of the season. Dickenson won the starting job. It's his to lose.

Would I love to See Printers?.....Absolutely
Do I think he's exciting..........Absolutely

Casey just has to bide his time. The way the O-line is letting the Defense pound Dickenson, Casey's time make come sooner than later.

DD is 32 years old and who says Printers isn’t learning from the sidelines. DD has been effective so why mess with something that isn’t wrong. After all the Lions are 7 - 0. Besides, we know what Printers can do, he was MVP last season but Buono is going with the healthy and productive QB right now. Sportsmen was correct in saying CP just has to bide his time. His time will come.