Can someome please tell my why the Lions keep Dickensen? Granted he may have been good in his day but he's not anymore. Last night he got sacked more times than a Surrey "you know what"...Does he have an eye problem? At times there where guys in the end zone OPEN and down goes Dick....again. He almost lost the game for us last night because he wouldn't throw the ball. Dave do the honourable thing and give up your seat....

When the qb is sacked, it isn't always just his fault. Granted, if he held on too long to the ball then it is, but often it's the O-line that's letting him down as well.

I didn't see much of the game as I was visiting my Dad in hospital and we had it on his little TV. However, I see Dave completed 12 of 17 so it doesn't seem to me that he was awful.

But I could be wrong...I never saw the end.

apparently murphy not playing is supposed to have a lot to do with the sackes

O-line played like crap yesterday . Murphy was not in , Farrow was getting beat constantly . Valli was rotating in and out , then Jimeniz got himself kicked out. So it was really a patchwork o-line . Joe Smith was out for much of the second half too , which also makes a difference in blocking . So to blame DD for this one game is plain wrong. He had little time mostly , but I do agree that he needs to get rid of the ball better . It does seem to be his one weakness .

I think being out almost the whole year might have something to do with it.

Yeah, what Pennw said! :smiley:

Give Dave a break, he did have the ball a bit too long at times but he is just back off his concussion, give him a lil time to get back in it.

Tell me you'd rather have Guidugli, if Buck or Jarious go down. After all, Buck has rib and shoulder probs and Jarious has rib probs.

The Lions have been rotating the quarterbacks successfully and for at least two more games, it would be nice to have depth and insurance at the QB position.

Now post-season... that is a diff't matter. Maybe we should back the "Come on Home to BC, Casey" campaign? :twisted:

I was at the game. Yea it got pretty sloppy i figured some new guys were in, didn't know Murphy was out, that makes a huge difference.

I don't think Casey Printers is the answer either, the guy is selfish and thinks he doesn't have to be part of the team, any guy with his attitude in the dressing room will kill any chance of a championship.

Guidugli has been highly touted, and he didn't play too bad for a guy who barely plays. If only we could keep our QB's healthy we'd probably be 18-0.

He's not, for 1/2 a million a season (Oskaweewee, ucker). I was seeing if anyone really would think so.

But he's a good guy really, lots of charisma and energy, but too much ego. It was really painful to see that he really believed what he said about being the Steeltown Saviour. Brutal.

But I think that DD is still valuable even on the sideline, I really think he has something to do with JJ's performance (not all of course, he didn't help JJ to grow that rocket arm or dancing feet). And now that we can get him in relief, I think our chances for a two-peat have significantly increased.

Like pennw said, that wasn't Dave's fault last night. If you want to complain about the sacks, direct it to the O-line... they were terrible.

In addition to Murphy, Jimenez, and Smith out, I saw Haji-Rasoulli on the sidelines a lot (to give others playing time I assume). No surprise that there were so many sacks.

To me, more than anything else, the sacks last night just showed how good our regulars on the O-line are.

I was at the game and i would say that he looked a bit rusty and was panicking a bit back there. He's not going to beat too many people with his speed so it was pretty painful watching him eat the ball so much.Makes Wally's decision for next game a pretty easy one.Its good to have D.D. for the back-up plan if he's needed.The next one will be the big test.

Wow .. nice fan. You forget who won us a Grey CUp last year? Give the guy a break. He has been out all year, and if you were on the last of your 9 lives (as far as concussions go), you might be a little tenative as well.

DD is still one of the best QBs in the league and imo is our best chance of repeating as Grey Cup Champions. JJ hasn't languished at 3rd string for most of his career for no reason. The guy is wildly inconsistent and seems to incapable of playing the short game. Sure we have won games with him at the helm, but that is more due to the outstanding play of our defense, special teams, and running game than anything JJ has done.

Casey Printers. Don't make me laugh. The guy is made of glass and has an ego the size of Lake Ontario. Read The Waterboy, and watch those clips of him on NFL: Hard Knocks and then tell me you want him back.

and, to that I say:

"Onya, do the honorable thing and give up your seat"

No Retrievil I'm not a "DD" fan (you say black & I say white). I think the operative word to your comment is that he "was" the best QB....

I think DD Is a great back up quater back right know because he has not played all year, throwing him into the western final as a starter, is like bringing back Kirk Maclean as the canucks starting golie, he is not ready, meantaly and pysically, one more hit to the head and he is gone, you do not think that Calgary or Sask is not going to try to knock him out? of course they are, putting JJ in there is thier best option he loves this situation were he is in the biggest game of the year playing infront of a sold out bc place satdium, he even said the bigger the game the more comfterbale he is. if they start DD they are not only going to lose but could lose DD forever.

Good observation! Both you and pennw are correct. The O-line had new faces and it showd!

Sure, the Leos won 14 games, but they just scraped by on most of them. I figured that the Cup was up for grabs until I saw Dickenson walk onto the field near the season's end. My heart jumped into my throat. This year's Lions with Dickenson is better than last year's and they trashed everybody last year. Even if my Bombers make it to the final, they have no chance if Dickenson's playing. You should thank God Dickenson is back!

As long as Dickenson can stay away from any more concussions.......

Anyone see "big brother Dunigan"'s comments on Dave's concussions (again)?

Dunigan lays bare his CFL soul in book - J. MacKinnon, The Edmonton Journal

[i]On the other hand, Dunigan reckons the accomplished Dickenson, who has endured three concussions in the last three years, including one that sidelined him for much of this season, has little left to learn. Except, perhaps -- and Dunigan suggests this rather than flat-out says it -- that it might be time to walk away.

"I deal with it every day," Dunigan said. "That's why I'm so concerned with Dave.

"I believe he is rolling the dice, risking a way of life. And I ask: for what? He's done everything. Football is a better place with him in it. But he's done everything.

"Hopefully, he's not in the same place as I was in 1996, when I knew it was over. I say in the book that my armour was split wide open and I felt exposed for the first time as a football player -- and vulnerable -- and I did not want to deal with that."[/i]

But mind you Dunigan suffered 12 "documented" concussions and was built like a linebacker... and played like a linebacker from the QB spot.

Also b/c 81Reasons is such a knob... just watched final home game again on TSN's website

TSN broadband - BC vs Calgary

and actually noticed DD's play second time around mostly his reactions tho.

His play kinda reminded me of the 04 GC. Really antsy and kind of hard on himself. I think he fancies himself playing in the GC again. He's going for two-peat, gun's a little rusty, but he's got the fire in the belly, good ol' gunslinger!

As much as I like Dave, I hope he hangs them up after this season. One more concussion isn't worth it.