Dick Pound takes shot at CFL

Dick Pound was in Toronto at a book signing where he spoke of the CFL’s “indifference” towards performance enhancing drugs, and made a crack about the league being where," criminals go to serve their time".(I wonder who he’s talking about?) :wink:

What’s with this guy? First he picks on hockey, now he’s calling out the CFL?

Pound for Pound, Dicks...well... A Dick :slight_smile:

I think Pound is still tasting those sour grapes after begin proved wrong about "1/2 of the NHL players are on performance inhancing drugs". This guy just can't leave well enough alone.

The guy is trying to clean up sports. Kudos to him for it. If the CFL doesnt like what he says, they should do manadatory drug testing.

I appreciate what he's trying to do but I think he's somewhat misinformed. Also, this book signing, it's his book I assume? Is it a coincidence that he's saying these controversial comments at the same time his book is coming out?

He would look far more professional if he discussed these issues first with the commissioner and then both were present at a press conference with an agreed upon statement. Spouting off as he is doing now and in the past with the NHL just makes him look really unintelligent and just wanting to look like a know-it-all guru ie. "Look at me, I'm cleaning up sports all by myself." I have lost respect for how he is going about this whole thing.

Your Absolutely Right Earl, If He Were To Go About Adressing The Situation Of CounterbaneIn Sport Differently It Would Make Him Look More Professional And Intelligent, However In Order For That To Work He'd Have To Be Professional And Intelligent. This Guy Reminds Me Of Bob McCowin Going On And On About How Every Player In The NHL Is On Steriods Then A Short Time Later The NHL Did Test And Not A Single Player Failed. Sometimes I Wonder How Some Of These People Get Into The Media.

Take that NHL test with a grain of salt. It was an internal study on their part. I wouldn't call it the most accurate representation of the truth. Every big-time game with millions on the line has its cheaters.

Thats good.....Very Good!

Obviosly a coincidence! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

I never would have thought otherwise! :roll: :roll:

Dick Pound can Pound Salt

say what you want about pound, he doesnt mean dick to me, but every league should have 100% enforced mandatory regular testing and zero tolorance to those that fail, in any league. As long as the CFL refuses to do this, then DP is right to criticize.

I think everyone can agree on his end means....its just his shoot first, ask questions later policy, I dont approve of.

I get what you say. However, sometimes asking first only get YOU shot.

What about the NBA!!!!!!

They seem to get a free ride!!!

I can't believe some of those huge guys in the NBA aren't juicers!

Dick Pound is an egotistical money grabbing attention hog. His agency is just an extended arm of one of the biggest financial cartels in the world: the International Olympic Committee. Pound and his fellow fat cats can't completely snuff out the drug problems in the world of amateur athletics, so now he's targeting all of the major pro leagues with his wagging finger.

I got a finger of my own for him, and I aint wagging it.

Dick must have took one look at the behemoth Charles Roberts and realized he was on the juice.......what a flake.

yeah, right, call a guy a flake for telling it like it as.

WIth or without drug testing, people will get around it. THe NFL supposedly has good drug testing and still 25% of the players are on performance enhancing drugs.

There are more important things for the CFL, especially since money doesn't grow on trees.

I would actually tend to cut Dick some slack if the guy didnt have the guilty before being proven innocent slant in his approach.