Diastrous Defence and Defensive calls by Lions!

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In all my years watching CFL playoff games I cannot recall two touchdowns where receivers got absolutely wide open with no defender anywhere to be seen as in the Calgary-B.C. game. What on earth was Stubler and the players thinking/doing??

This too was a veteran defensive backfield. My take is the Lions gambled unnecessarily way too many times during the game and it cost them time and time again. Don't get me wrong, Glen and the Stamps deserve full credit for taking advantage of the reads and making big plays, sometimes out of nothing - :thup: :thup: to Glen!!!
My opinon is the Lions should have played the Stamps straight up and not blitzed or gambled so much. You are at home, with the large crowd- make them earn their offensive stripes- after all it is your home game not theirs!!! Dumb football calling in my opinion. Too much westcoast weed being sampled I guess. What do you expect, I guess, from the WEt Wild West Coast. :cowboy: :lol:

Seems to me now that you've pointed the above quote out...Glenn was waiting for those plays - kudos to the OC.

Some good observations turkeybend2 about Calgary's receivers often been wide open. It was so uncharacteristic of the Lions D to allow that to happen but it did.

The one play [besides the 2nd Calgary play of the game] that sickens me every time I see the highlights was when Glenn threw on 3rd and 1 from the Lions 43 and the guy takes it to the Lions' one yard line. That play was the one that broke the Lions in my mind. Calgary could have attempted a long field goal and if it went wide would have the chance to contain the Lions deep in their own end. They could have brought in the heavy weights for a QB sneak that 9 out of 10 times succeeds to keep the drive alive. Glenn could have gone for a swing pass, a hand off to Cornish. So many choices that would have assured a 1st down. Instead he throws a bomb puts Calgary on the Lions 1 yard line. That is just plain lunacy. I can see Glenn getting a completions. But completions that were taken in for TDs? Good grief!

I expected if we were going to get beat, it would be Cornish rushing for 200 yards. Instead it was Glenn beating the secondary. Go figure. Anyways good luck to Calgary next Sunday!

I thought/think that 3rd and 1 gamble for 43 yards was thrown by Levi-Mitchell....

Merry Xmas to Mr. and Mrs. Sportsman in the Cariboo. Hope all is well.

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Yes, my mistake. Thanks. :thup: