Diamond isn't forever

I just noticed that Boulay was not featured on any of the game day tickets. Could this of been a plan from the beginning? :roll:

Strike Winnipeg off the list - it doesn't look like Burke has any plan to use NI back-ups in the secondary other than at safety and there is no room for Boulay there.

What about Ferri?

I understand he`s really popular in Winnipeg. :smiley:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

With Ferri's release, I think Chip Cox is the only defensive player left from the pre-Trestman era. Time flies.

...More like Ferri will sparkle in Regina if anywhere...I think he's lost a little of his shine however :roll: :lol:

Herb with an excellent piece on Ferri's release:

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/Ferri+released/6794813/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/F ... story.html[/url]

Interesting tidbits from the story:

He was asked — and agreed — to take a paycut before training camp, advised at the time by Popp it was his only means of making it to camp. Popp said he told Ferri at that time he was in a potential dogfight to remain on the 46-man roster.

[i]The Als have changed defensive systems under new coordinator Jeff Reinebold, Ferri seemingly no longer fitting into what the team desires. Players who were potential outside linebackers now are defensive linemen and natural pass-rushers, the emphasis being put on larger body frames who rush the quarterback or drop into coverage when the team’s in zone.

The coaches weren’t quite sure where to play Ferri, 5-foot-10 and 223 pounds.[/i]

Trestman, now in his fifth season with the team, said the two personnel moves were among the most difficult he has faced, given the tenure of both players. Both won Grey Cups with Trestman in 2009 and 2010. Trestman said the staff deliberated for 2-1/2 hours, took a break and met for another 90 minutes.

“We were playing with scenarios,? Trestman explained. “We took a deep breath, came back and asked ourselves ‘is this the direction? Are we sure?’ ?[/i]

Interesting stuff, especially the change in body type at OLB. Looks like the D will be radically different this season.

By the by, I have to give credit to Herb. He's been lights-out the past few weeks. He seems rejuvenated and ready to dig into stories. Having an open line to Popp has also helped him out.

And he has a pretty neat sense of humor too.

Which of course explains why they axed Ramon Guzman a while back


I'm sure hoping this isn't all a smoke-screen to hide a fire-sale style cut of higher-paid players
I'm probably just being paranoid
But the release of Boulay threw me for a spin

That 1st pre-season game didn't instill ANY confidence
In the coverage game either
Something they were supposed to have made a priority
Despite cutting just about EVERY decent "teams" specialist in camp
When the 1st cut should have been Bischoff
Last year or before

(Whenever they go into "elaborate explanation mode"
I can't help smelling RAT)

It always about who the coaches like better and there is a financial component involved in any SMS league. Team is more prepared to pay 50k to a townsend as third stinger than 100k to boulay to be a third stringer.

Also it is not Popp who decides it is the coaches. I suppose they make a list and then Popp tells them what their list fits the SMS or not. I can't imagine Popp being happy with cutting a NI draft pick and fan favorite from the organization, especially when he knows it is likely to strenghten a division rival NI depth.

Personally I am happy with Hebert over Boulay and Davis over Guzman.

The Dline hasn't been defined. who will replace Anwar and Wilson and it looks like Mcelveen has won a starting job at DT in Hamilton. I am very curious to see who we go with at DT...

However as it stands today the defense is a little older not younger ! and if we have a rash of injuries we won't have the depth in experience to cover it. What was envisioned as a retooling of the defense has become a complete rebuild. At least the two who have won jobs have extensive CFL experience.

I doubt it. Davis and Hebert did not come cheap. I just hope Reinebold knows exactly what he's doing. He's been away from the CFL for 15 years ! CFL is very much a game of Rock,paper scisor and the rest of the division is going scisor we appear to be going Rock...

I share your concern, but what's reassuring to me is that Trestman is very involved in this process. He isn't letting Reinebold go off on his own and do what he wants. If Trestman saw something in Reinebold's system that wouldn't translate well in the CFL, I'm sure he'd intervene. Hours of debate or not, the head coach has to be on board with major changes or they don't happen. Reinebold also has Mike Sinclair to lean on, he's insulated here.

Like I said, I do have the same concerns, but this type of change is exhilarating and I'm hoping it pays off on the field.

As for Guzman, body type alone won't get you a job. I find it irritating when fans key in on one attribute and then put forward a player who was cut despite possessing that one attribute. It takes many different attributes to be a good football player. I am 100% certain that Reinebold didn't walk in saying, "Ok guys, bigger linebackers are guaranteed a job and all you converted DBs can take a hike." Yes, he may have preferences about what type of body occupies a spot, but at the end of the day, if you aren't productive or coach thinks you're not as good as the next guy you'll be cut. Guzman had been here three years and still wasn't a starter. For an import, that's weird. It was time to cut bait.

What is now starting to get me a little concerned is the injuries to the D line. Hopefully they hold up by the start of the season.

With all due respect to your irritation...
It wasn't a "fan" who keyed on size as the one reason why Diamond Ferri was released
And therefore it was and is reasonable to wonder why a linebacker like Guzman who DID posses that one attribute was cut
Regardless of whether you thought he deserved it

There's every reason for YOU to gob every morcel of bull that floats around this team
THAT's the easy way
Some of us like to do a little independent thinking
And questioning when things smell a little fishy
And folks start contradicting themselves

Be that as it may...
It should all come out in the wash pretty soon
And we'll see if Popp's acquisitions and "inquisitions"
We're inspiration
Or expiration