Diamond isn't forever

Herb reporting the Als cut Diamond Ferri. This kind of confirms what I think the plan was yesterday. Those that didn't play made the team and those that played, came off as they earn their spot. Diamond was on the field in the fourth quarter and looks like he got beat out.

He was a big part of our two cups. Best of luck to him...

According to Herb, Etienne Boulay has also been released.


Nor is Boulay http://blogs.montrealgazette.com/2012/0 … ran-ferri/

which is true, could mean Hebert will be on the 42 man roster.

Not really surprised about Ferri, but I’m shocked that Boulay got his walking papers. I guess we’re starting an American at safety?

In any case, I wish Diamond all the best. As Hfx said, he was a big part of our 09-10 championship teams.

Boulay's release pretty much guarantees that we'll be starting a Canadian (J.P., most likely) on the defensive line. Even if Deslauriers becomes a starter on offense, we have no quality Canadian to back him up, so he can't be part of the core starting 7.

5 O-line
1 D-line
possibly 1 receiver

Say what you want about this offseason, but you can't say it's been dull. :lol:

Unfortunate for Diamond and Ferri. The release of Etienne is/will be a shock,particularly French Media and fans.

Wishing them the best.


J.P. Bekasiak does not have to be a starter; could be,but not a necessity.

The 7th non-import starter will/should consist of: Martin Bedard as FB/TE or Patrick Lavoie in same role,or Eric Deslauriers as WR or Dahrran Diedrick as FB.


The French media is going to make Etienne’s release a big story…especially if the defense struggles out of the gate. Both these guys are going to find jobs. Etienne could end up in Hamilton or Toronto, both use a Canadian corner. Or possibly Winnipeg or Saskatchewan out west.

The team must be really happy with the guys they have…

The fullback isn't on the field all the time, so my understanding is that he can't be a starter. As for WR, yes, Deslauriers could start, as I said, but we have no quality Canadian to back him up, so he can't be part of the starting 7. He'll be the 8th NI starter at best. That's why I think Bekasiak is going to start. Mullinder is a backup, and there's been barely any mention of Chima and Adebayo. I think we'll see either Bekasiak starting, with Mullinder or Adebayo as the backup, or else Chima starting, but if Chima isn't a starter he'll be cut IMO.

1- There could be trades. We have a surplus of quality Olinesmen

2- Brouillette is still a possibility at safety or linebacker

Definitely. With the injuries to Bowman and Hopkins, might we see a trade to acquire a defensive lineman?

2- Brouillette is still a possibility at safety or linebacker
I doubt it. At safety there's no Canadian to back him up if he gets injured. At linebacker he's not beating out Cox or Davis for starting spots. That only leaves him platooning with or backing up Emry.

Eventhough a player is not on the field all the time,he can still be designated as a starter. Teams such as Hamilton and BC have done so for years.

If,for instance, you say that the FB is your starter ,he may come out and has to be replaced by a non-import. If Bédard is the starter, he could come out and be replaced by Deslauriers, or Diedrick or Lavoie.

If we operate at 3-4, Bekasiak will be,at best, a replacement for Hunt.


I doubt that Diamond will sign with another team.

Etienne could go elsewhere.


It`s a tough business when veteran contributors are released. Hope they can land elsewhere.

I always admired Ferri`s (sometimes over) feistiness and last year he was our best returner.

I never considered Boulay an elite safety. He always seemed to either be a step behind or would overrun the play. But hes a likeable guy and like I said I hope hes picked up.

With all these changes from Reinebold he better stick around longer than one year and not bolt for another NCAA opportunity.

I would not be surprised to see Diamond elsewhere. May not happen tomorrow but perhaps in the next week or so.
Argos, Riders, Esks?

Agreed. I just could never quite grasp all the ballyhoo about Boulay. He made some plays to be sure, but I feel that others in the same position could/would have been just as good or better.

I surely hope that the rest of the players still remaining on the D team live up to their coaches' expectations. To all intents and purposes, we will have a virtually brand new defensive alignment.

Boulay is/was a hitter
He along with Matthieu Proulx were among the best safety 1-2 punches in the league
Never really had the chance to make his mark stepping out of Proulx's shadow
That concussion was some kind of bad luck
But I doubt he expected to be axed

Hope it wasn't about money
That would surely suck

I don't think Coach was ever very high on Boulay. I would not be surprised to see him end up playing for Chris Jones. He had good success in his defense. The change of scenery might do him some good. Unless he's announcing his retirement tomorrow...

Okay, thanks for clearing that up. Then maybe it's Bedard/Lavoie and Deslauriers combining to be a starter. But that still requires Deslauriers to win a starting WR spot. I'd be surprised if it happened, frankly. Trestman is really not keen on starting Canadians at receiver unless they're elite (like Cahoon).

If we operate at 3-4, Bekasiak will be,at best, a replacement for Hunt.
I'd bet money that we won't operate a 3-4 on a regular basis. At most, we'll throw it in as a different look to take advantage of tweeners like Akra and Davis.

Go figure. The very two players I met with Flory at the blood donor drive gone. I really Don't have predicting powers.

Golf with the expos was nice. Bill Lee and Joey Elias are a stitch. Als' lame game just a distant memory. Now for some Impact tomorrow night.