Diamond Ferri

Wow, I'm glad the Riders won, but that was an ugly game to watch. Many things to talk about, but I just want to single out Diamond Ferri's roughing call near the end of the game. Against a better team than Montreal right now, that would have likely led to field goal position and a possible loss for the Riders. For quite a while now, Ferri has struck me as a borderline head-case and a bit of a cheap shot artist, and he confirmed that today. And it bothers me that when a team mate obviously said something to him after the roughing call - the replay showed it was a pretty cheap shot - Ferri took a shot at his team mate.
Time to sit Ferri down for a game or two, and if he can't get his act together, give him his outright release.

Couldn't agree more. People complain about Anderson but I have way more of an issue with this idiot. Hes starting to make us look bad. There's a difference between agression and constantly toeing the line on cheapness

Was that Ferri who got it for diving in late on the return late? If so, it was funny that fans booed the call, because he deserved every inch of that penalty.

That was Ferri.

Thanks Swany...yeah, that was a nasty one...totally uncalled for.

To be fair my speculation is that they were booing Ferri for the hit.

Agreed. Total asshat play by Ferri - AGAIN. Not only piling on, but the elbow to the back of the head too. Cut this tool. Riders don't need him, never needed him and never should have signed him. That play REALLY PISSED ME OFF!!

As much as I don't like his non-class the guy shows in many cases, that block to spring Dressler on that last punt return was awesome...he sure can play.

If you were there, you would know that wasn't the case. It was a boo on the call from most.

Oh yeah, he made a few stellar plays…this was still uncalled for.

His only saving grace is that he's versatile. He can play DB, linebacker, he can return kicks and block on special teams. If only did half of those things, he'd be long gone. He's not a smart player at all, takes way too many stupid penalties that hurt the team.

Ordinarily, I would agree about the value of his versatility, but Ferri has made a history of dumb penalties and dirty play. And I have no respect for a guy who retaliates against a team mate on the field who questions his stupidity in the situation (here I can only go by what happened and the body language, but it seemed pretty clear) Is Ferri's first loyalty to the team or to himself? Is he on steroids and suffering uncontrolled aggression? Don't know, but he could end up costing the Riders big at a crucial moment.

Ferri is an idiot and a douchebag. You all can stop apologizing for him.

No matter how good a player he is no asset to the team if he helps the other team win the game. Discipline is not in Ferri's vocabulary.

I would cut him at this point, or place him on the PR.

:thup: :thup: Got to agree.

A couple more terrible penalties, the guy should not be on the roster for the next game. Whatever message was being sent clearly was re-directed to Russia instead. If we had played better quality teams, his penalties could have been costly for us.

having just watched it all on TV, Chamblin had the look of beyond disgust on his face. I would say there is a very short leash. I believe there will be an awkward invite to the coaches office after first practice this week where it will all be laid out, and I do believe that a stupid play in the near future will be his unwinding. Ferri was trying to defend himself and basically what I saw was some form of 'I don't ant to hear it' followed by Chamblin turning his back on him.

Well I agree, he needs to sit or PR, I don't think he is smart enough to listen, Anderson got the message but then he seems to understand what he caused and I am sure was told strait up this kind of play would not be tolerated! Not sure what was said or done, but don't think Farris is smart enough to get it, if told the same thing!!

This guy needs to go. He is going to cost us a win or something - hopefully not of the playoff variety.