diamond ferri

What the hell is wrong up there?
Benching ferri is like removing your heart and spirit.
I would suggest someone look at the stats
this kid is like a another junior Seau, always around the ball

The only reason he's getting benched is because Strickland is back. That being said, I would try shifting Ferri to another position to keep him in the lineup. He's a good player.

with out doubt, I think they will miss his intensity

Maybe he can play FB, since we no longer have one. Or better yet, Popp should dress for the game and play FB. Player is the only position available to add to his resume.

This kid is multi talented, I have watched since he was 9 , he can do anything

Ferri has played with enthusiasm, no doubt. Problem is, his reckless abandon gets him into trouble from time to time; either a penalty or falling for the first fake and being out of position on a misdirection play.

Hill, on the other, hand, while not as flashy or spectacular as Ferri, has been very solid and dependable. So with Strikland back I can’t say as I’m surprised that Hill bumps Ferri out of the starter’s role.

Size would be a bit of a problem, but I wonder if they’ve thought of trying Ferri at MLB? Ellis didn’t impress me early, Mackey looked better but now he’s out, and as for Mondoe Davis the less said the better.

Als got torched with the ground game last week. Chris Jones is making adjustments that need to be done. Diamond is a "great" rookie and I understand his heart is broken right now but he has a bright future with this team. but you can only dress so many guys and fit the ratio. I hope he sticks it out...

Looks like some managment changes are needed up there

This is footbal...Like Chris Talker said:

" No, it ain't. This is the United States of James Carter. I'm the president, I'm the emperor, I'm the king. I'm Michael Jackson, you Tito. Your ass belongs to me. "

You have no idea how well this quote applies to Jim Popp :slight_smile:


Looks like this is why Ferri got 'benched'. He's actually got pancreatis.

He got replaced by strickland and then got pancreatitis.

Get well Diamond !

Why don’t this team trade Ferri, he’s too good to be inactive. I also hear others on this forum saying how he is to over heated, well look at the great deff linebackers in the NFL, Harrison of the Patriots comes to mind. That’s the type of men I want in the backfield, guys who are passionate and by all means, TOUGH

I was just thinking. Since Ferri has been benched, Montreal has not won a game!!!!!!!

Now that Strickland is done for the season, we'll probably see a lot more of Ferri.

This season is depressing me on so many levels.

Problems all over this team. Once we get real men coaching this team, everything else will fall into place. Ferri is the least of this team's worries. If this team had a stud MLB maybe Ferri woulnd't have had to be trying to cover as much area.

Holly Cow, Look at that..
They put ferri back in, and look what happens-------

Surprise, Surprise

With Strickland’s decline, Ferri is easily the best of our linebacking corps right now. Sure he takes some dumb penalties, but he’s athletic, he flies to the ball, and he plays the game with passion.

Intensity is something that was sorely missed when he was out of the lineup. Hopefully, it will rob off on some of his teamates.

Agreed. Strickland used to be that guy, but now he doesn't have the same zip in his step. And we never really found a replacement for Kevin Johnson at MLB. Not the biggest or quickest guy, but at the peak of his game, man, he was Mr. A-Gap. Nothing got by him.

Whoever you are HfxTC you have your head inserted up your arse…you have no idea what you are talking about; you spend so much time bashing the MLB and linebackers??? What is your deal.

First of all Kai Ellis is a rock star!! he was one of the leading tacklers last year with 68 tackles. He kicked butt in the Grey Cup…one of the only players that came to play that day for the Als. And to remind you all last season Mackey shared the MLB position with Ellis. Ellis still led the team in tackles.

Unfortunately, for the ALs, Kai was hurt early in the season with a foot injury…and he played hurt because the Als had no depth on Defense early in the season.

Since Ellis has returned they take him out on every 2nd down. Ellis and Mackey are both physical talented MLBs…Ferri has good energy and is a great LB as well.

FOr some odd reason you are focusing all your attention on the wrong problem???