Diamond Ferri

Love that name. What are some other funny names in the CFL?

Another that comes to mind is Raleigh Roundtree. Sick name.

Chip Cox! come to mind. Kenyon Rambo!

RW, I laughed out loud when I saw the avatar. That is hilarious!

Alexis Bwenge and Sexy Mays

Thanks Ned it is my favorite!

Wow they sound like strippers! Oh ya the would be the Sedin twins another thread another time. :lol: :lol:

"dirty" Sanchez

Winston October, RKal Truluck, Demetrius Maxie.

Buck Pierce isn't a really funny name, but for some reason it sounds like a name a male porn star would use. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sandy Beveridge on Hamilton.

sounds like sandy beverage. :smiley:

Chijioke "I'm gonna getcha" Onyenegecha


and wasnt there a guy that played for T.O a few years ago that had the last name "ASSMANN"?

rw2005 your avatar must be of the officials in this game between BC and Hamilton. They seem to really want BC to win.

Yuck, definately poor officiating in a really close game that could go either way.

Yeah, it's getting to be a tad ridiculous. Where does the CFL find these guys...

Don't get me wrong, I wanted BC to win this game (Hamilton being a division rival of my Bombers and all), but this is just ridiculous. Spearing calls during live plays, suspicious spots all night and pass interference calls going against the player who was being interfered with. Where do they find these guys?

When you're 4-0, I guess people will say anything to try and bring you down. Not gonna happen, sorry guys.

When you're undefeated, I guess people will say anything to try and bring you down. Not gonna happen, sorry guys.

:lol: Pull your heads out of your collective asses BC fans. I was cheering for BC but damn, Hamilton got robbed in this one. Can you not see that it was a terrible pass interference call that got BC down to the one yard line which ultimately led to the game winning touchdown? Not to mention a number of other blown calls.

Really the arrogance of Lions fans is incredible.

...getting back to the the thread title....i guess Diamond (the rough) Ferri found out its not a good thing to get Roberts po'd....i think his wwf body slam of Blink was a little over the top...when you pull that kind of crap off.....watch out....i notice imhoff didn't last too much longer into the game after that cheap shot....i know the Bombers would not retaliate in that manner....but it just goes to prove....what goes around...comes around....Mr. Ferri found out Mr. Roberts is a little tougher than he thought.....and a very Big reason the Bombers took the 2 points....and the season series... :rockin: :wink: