Diamond Ferri

Anyone get to attend camp and check out Diamond Ferri. I played semi-pro football with him last season, before he got signed and played with the Arizona Cardinals. He was the Cardinals 4th string running back. Diamond played Safety in college, I really hope he makes the Al's because I' am an Al's fan and he's great person.

He is number 40 and is playing linebacker, and i just was looking at the Al's photos and he was chasing down Kingsbury. Let me know how he looks....

I saw him play last week in Toronto, he looks like a keeper to me. Just what the CFL are looking for in OLB, a big safety with some speed who can play OLB and cover against the pass as well.
Actually the Argos had him camp during the season last year for a couple of weeks and then released him. It looked to me at the time that the NFL team wanted him back as he showed up on their roster shortly after.
The Argos probably got some kind of compensation for doing this, but then must have taken him off their neg list and Montreal added him to theirs apparently.

Diamond played for Lowell Noreaster semi-pro football team a couple of weeks after the Argos released him. I had no idea when I played with him that he was in Argos camp earlier. It goes down as one of top football memories, blocking for him. Very classy guy. I couldn’t believe that he would come play football in front of a couple hundred people, while still trying out for the NFL. He said he did it to stay in football shape. I know many people including myself thought he was nuts to risk injury. The Lowell Nor’easter organization are extremely proud of Diamond, and it gives me another reason to route for my favorite CFL team the Al’s.

This is the opportunity that he needs. I know that he is going to make an impact this season with the Al’s. Last season he was a long shot to make the Cardinals and he proved everyone wrong.