Diamond Ferri available

What do you think fellow greens? Could sure use some of his energy on the D.

Of course, TSN has not yet said why he was released from the Als. Injuried perhaps?? or attitude..........

after the lacklustre performance on Wednesday perhaps Riderville could use an infusion of 'TUDE.

What say you?

Dirty player. Can't stand him. Don't need an LB. Even if they did. :thdn:

sign him. he's a Grey Cup winner. he knows what winning is.

for $@#@@# sake sign him!


He flops more then a nba player.


Not a big fan. Dirty player and embellishes to get bogus penalties. I hope we don't have to sign him. BUT it helps the team win after our preseason, might be worth it but don't alot to get him.

Don't need a linebacker. Even if they did, would rather have just kept Mo Lloyd.

A linebacker can never save a bad defence. Freeman couldn't do it last year, not even close and he was astoundingly good. If your d-line gets no pressure and your secondary can't cover, Ty Jones, Mike O'Shea and Dan Kepley all in their primes will not save your defence. However, average linebackers can look like stars if your d-line and your secondary function properly.

So no, Diamond Ferri can't help this team as far as I'm concerned even if he was a nice guy. Greg Peach or Aaron Hunt or Bradon Isaac or Lin-J Shell would have been nice. Maybe Odell can help this defense. I am hopeful.

well stated PD72