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Most of the replies here will show why I don't really care if the Gades go down, not that I want them to, but won't affect my love of the Cats if they do.

Guess sportsnet didn't like my thread, they deleted it! Interesting.

the posts here just say the same i say....move them to QC.

I maintain, exhaust every possibility of keeping them in Ottawa before moving them anywhere else ... and only after it's 110% sure they can't stay in Ottawa, move them (but don't let them fold or suspend!!!)

my thoughts exactly, canuckev....110% try to keep them in ottawa....then look to move them to QC...dont fold!

Who would own the team if it moved to Quebec?? I have not heard of any interest by any local businessmen/politicians, anything, about this.

some have said former nords owner has shown interest in owning a QC team in the the past.
if the league helps bernie keep the team afloat for the 06 season, they could use the whole year working out deals to move the team intime for the 07 season....work out a deal to play at PEPS stadium, and such.

Well, if the team is going to finance the Renegades for '06, then they should be working on a way to keep them in Ottawa for '07. At least until this season is over.

We’ll never get fans to come to games at Frank Clair if the league states they won’t be there next year. I wouldn’t want to do to the Renegades what MLB did to the Expos.

so take the whole year looking for:
plan a- owner to stay in ottawa
plan b- have everything ready for a move to QC just incase plan a doesnt work out.

…It would be great to find a viable owner in Quebec City…get permission from the Ti-Cats to lend their management team to kick things off… and start building a solid franchise …sounds like the answer…but the big question is …Does QC. have a millionaire who is willing to take the chance on a CFL franchise…I think… if they did an in-depth study concerning football… that it could be a success in that city…What is needed is someone with an eye to the future…The Cfl. is gaining in popularity every year (except this blemish with the Rens. of late)…and if it is done right… could replace Ottawa in the east…still leavin the prospect of expansion to Halifax in the future…Maybe a far-fetched idea…but SOMETHING has to be done now…we need some direction and something concrete out of the league office… the clock is ticking… :!: …

its not far-fetched...its a matter of the league doing its homework...

like i said...if they prop up the gades this year, giving them 1 whole year to find a solution, they could make a plan A and a plan B....plan B is doing the homework needed to make a smooth transition to QC in '07 if needed...all but signing the contracts with a new quebec buyer and for using PEPS stadium....have it all drawn up and agreed to, with the understanding that it will only be valid after seeing what happens with ottawa and PLAN A.

Good point ... if the MLB (a more screwed up league than any) can do that to the Expos, shouldn't the CFL be able to avoid folding the Gades? The Expos situation could have been fixed; MLB just didn't want to have anything to do with Montreal. MLB put no effort into keeping them in Montreal. If MLB can prop up the Expos, then the CFL can prop up the Gades, and do a MUCH better job of it (a monkey could do a better job of it than MLB). But to MLB's credit, they still didn't let the franchise fold. They realized that moving is better than folding ...

An escape plan (to move the Gades to QC for '07) isn't a bad idea, but Ottawa fans have to see that every attempt is being made to keep the Gades in Ottawa, and show that they want likewise ... give the Ottawa fans one last chance.

For sure Canuc, if every attempt possible to keep the Gades in Ottawa isn’t tried, well, wow, you are going to get the same reaction to CFL football from fans and the media in Ottawa as what MLB got and probably still is getting from fans and media in Montreal. It could be nasty for sure.

The CFL has to tread carefully on this one, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes!

This is the ideal time for those people in Quebec City who want CFL football to come forward and put pressure on the politicians to get PEPS Stadium upgraded like Montreal has done with Molson Stadium. With a franchise in trouble and the league pushing fo expansion to 10 teams, chances are very good that Quebec City will end up with a team if enough people there push for it. Renovations to the existing stadium or the building of a new stadium could probably be completed within a year.

exactly...someone who can write in french, go spread the word on cfl french forum.

leaves me out...but oui oui drum. time to get maximum exposure in QC. I know they have great football fans there...time to convert them to CFL fans.... :wink: