Dexter McCoil fined $250 for untucked Jersey

This is a little over the top! :roll:

Dexter McCoil ?@26Int_Hit 32m32 minutes ago
Man yall just don’t know how heated I am about being fine 250 dollars for a untucked jersey…

That rule has been in place for over about a decade or more.

Tolliver could get this fine every game. Great receiver, but he wears his uniform like a 6 year old.

The fines this year are absolutely ridiculous. I'm starting to think our new commissioner is not right for this league.

While I'm all for enforcing the dress code, if in fact the league still has one, singling out, and fining one player, like this, among dozens and dozens of offenders is terrible.

That is a dumb rule and a DUMBER fine. This is one rule I'd like to see go.

IMO the players should meet a certain standard for the way they wear their uniform. The CFL needs to show a level of professionalism, and sloppily worn jerseys don't help that cause.

An even better way to look more professional is to take the damn ads off the players. This isn't soccer, so ads don't belong on jerseys. Why can't said advertisers put ads on the field instead?

This is bad news. It could turn McCoil against the CFL, and cause him to ask his agent to help get him out of the league altogether.

I wonder what the fine will be for Venable of the Als for spearing Zac on the quarterback sneak at the goal line. It was just another call missed by the officials. I was under the impression that protecting the quarterback's head was thought to be important. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I'm surprised no one has mentioned it, but it looked to me that Zach was sacked in the second quarter, a few plays before the missed no-yards, by a horse collar.

I was VERY vocal about that, especially when that wasn't called, and again when we were called for it after there was a little tug on the back of an Als jersey. That penalty gave them a first down and I'm sure could have changed the outcome of the game.

I VERY rarely agree with you, but on this, I whole-heartedly agree.

Rules are rules. Leagues all over the world have rules on dress codes.

Follow the rules, dont get fined.

Simple as that.

dont think this was a stupid fine at all.

I remember back in the Harold Ballard days, he wanted to put the Leafs logo on the field but was not permitted to do so as advertising on the field was not allowed.

What a Dumb rule, it's pretty tough to keep the jersey in place especially for all the big lineman with the grabbing and tugging going on. Like John Maddan once said it's tough enough for a 300 pound lineman to keep his jersey in place never mind nice and neat.

This rule reminds me of that stupid celebration rule you see after every player gets a first down, they spin the ball or point to a first down, this can actually be called as CFL Ref Kim Murphy did against Bakari Grant in the Grey Cup in BC last year, which is so stupid, they let 100 calls or so slide during the season and they make one call against Grant and Hamilton? I wonder how much Murphy pocketed on that call? Or remember the time Dave Stalla scored a TD for Hamilton back in the 2012 season and he punted the ball same thing got flagged for it, BS Rules!!

They don’t call Kim Murphy the Angry Garden Gnome for nothing. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Was watching highlights of the games that I missed (Saturday, Sunday) and noticed many players with jerseys untucked at least partially. Seems strange that one player has been singled out for an offense that many players commit.

One player tweeted about it. We have no idea how many players were fined. (I think)

True - just seems we'd hear about it more if it was regularly enforced. $250 is a hefty enough fine for many players.

We also don't know the entire story. Full disclosure - I didn't see the game, so I don't know the the extent of his uniform malfunction. We don't know if he was issued any warnings, we don't know if ANY players were issued warnings about uniform dress codes. What I DO know is that, in my own opinion, some players have been getting VERY lax in their professionalism when it comes to their uniforms.

One of the (many) things I like about the CFL is that we actually DO have a somewhat more relaxed dress code than the NFL and NCAA. I also realize that not all bodies are made the same. I would not expect a football jersey to fit on Brandon Banks the same way it would as on Peter Dyakowski. I agree that there should be some latitude in the way that the so-called "skill" players can un-tuck their jerseys, if they impede their ability to move in any way. With that being said, I have seen jerseys pulled out completely, so that the hem was stretching down the player's thighs. To me, that is unacceptable.

If Dexter McCoil believes that he has been unfairly fined, I believe that he has the right to an appeal through the CBA (please correct me if I'm wrong). If not, he should take it as a learning experience and move on. Really, it's less than most traffic fines these days...