Dexter McCluster

Can someone explain or provide his status? I was excited to hear he was signed but he quickly landed on the injured list. What’s the latest on his availability?

Was thinking the exact same thing.

Was so it excited to see what he can do on a big CFL field but it’s kinda been radio silence since he signed

Yeah it doesn’t seem like the MLSE marketing machine knows how to create a buzz about its players.

I read somewhere he pulled a hamstring his first week in camp. Probably pushing too hard and wasn’t really in shape. We will see if he is on the roster for Saturday.

Is McCluster in the line up this weekend??

McCluster played well for his first start. Maybe even played a bit more than Trestman may have planned. Wilder may be out for the BC game which should open up another chance for the other young RB Burks to show his stuff again. McCluster would look good playing the slot with his yac potential.

i think mccluster is much more cost effective that wilder
wilder seems to lose his effectiveness w/ the cold weather
one wonders what the trade mkt would bring for wilder

Nice to have a one two punch with Wilder and McCluster or Burks. Wilder’s pass blocking was sorely missed last night against Hamilton.