DeVonte and Airabin are gone...

The Hamilton Spectator reports that import DT DeVonte Peterson and import CB Airabin Justin join the list of free agents that will not be offered contracts by the Tiger-Cats this season.

As much as I like DeVonte, our D-Line was atrocious last season. Justin showed some flashes of brilliance, but his injuries and average play made him expendable.

Rod Rust has a heck of a task ahead of him... loss!

Are we going to have enough people to field a team? lol.

NWO - I know you’re joking, but that’s what scouting is all about.

Its not like the Cats havent brought in anyone yet:

Maeko, Atnas WR
Birungi, Ivan WR
Setta, Nick K
Bisaillon, Nicolas WR
Sutherland, Chris OL
Sanders, Claude DE
Glavic, Sasha DB
Hogarth, Peter OL
Alston, Richard WR
Devlin, Brian K
Moreno, Zeke LB
Nattiel, Michael LB
Postell, Malcolm LB
Jackson, Jamacia LB

Plus brought in,

Butler, Ian QB
McKay-Loescher, Nautyn DL

Hopefully for the Ticats sake there is some more top talent coming...most of this list looks like backups and middle of the road talent to me.

meh we jus need more dlineman, LB, n WR n we will b fine
we most liley will sign sum guys from sask, and calgary at WR after sum cuts r made.

Setta will kick and punt, Alston will be a WR target, Moreno and Nattiel will be starting linebackers for us.

McKay-Loescher will be a CFL all-star.

Those are my early thoughts.

No surprise here. Both of them are very nice guys and I wish them well, but they were both injured for a large part of the season and you can’t expect the team to carry injury-prone players into camp. It doesn’t make any sense.

i was joking but just throwing a blanket statement like "thats what scouting is all about" is kinda ignorant. what exactly are you saying? its common sense the longer you wait the worse players available. you do obviously have to replace the guys you cut. i hope were not waiting for nfl cuts and hoping we can hang on till then.

Same here. I'm just hoping that McCarthy and Smith have a handle on players they are scouting.

I can't believe I am saying this, but...good job Marcel :thup: Now the second part of the task is to find someone who can play these spots.

I was a fan of both of these guys for their first year, but Justin got beat routinely the last couple of seasons. I was wondering when he'd get cut. Besides the clothesline hit on stokes, I don't recall much of anything to be remembered from Peterson.

Anyone remember the name of that corner that Lancaster released last year...after the game where he returned an interception about 104 yards for a touchndown? :? I think his first name was Steve...He played one great game for the Cats and was released LOL.

im pretty sure the corner named in the last post was Steve Echols from the Tennesse Titans. not sure on the Steve but sure on the Echols. He got burned alot that game if i remmeber

I think most of us realized they wouldn't return. The entire team played terrible, and they were apart of it. I'm sad to see them go, but this time we're rebuilding for real, and Desjardins knows what he's doing.

it was mike echols. both he and jason goss returned interceptions for touchdowns against the alouettes in montreal in july. echols returned his 94 yards. he was cut after his one and only game, as lancaster said he had been beaten for touchdowns (plural), damon duval hit a chip-shot field goal with 11 seconds left in a 41-38 win.

Mike echols, that's it, LOL. Thank you Ticatguy :thup: Yeah I remember him getting beat for a touchdown. He had some good moments and bad moments in his first CFL game. I was just shocked he was released. This isn't a push to bring him back, I just couldn't remember his name and it was bugging me.

Yes, I had forgotten that our friend Jason Goss returned one to. I thought Echols' was over a hundred yards, but that was probably Goss, lol. That was a great game against Montreal. If I remember it right, Maas had a great game too - about 345 yards? (Don't quote me on that stat)

Although echols returned one for a touchdown he was getting beat all game. I was at that game...he wasnt that good of a player. Goss had one int for a touchdown against montreal and another against calgary.

How about that!!!! 2 touchdowns as a "D" player and he played less than half a season!

I know some who chastised Goss and yet there are are "O" receivers who played an entire season and didn't beat that! :roll:

It's still a long time to first game and I think, and hope that the scouts and management will bring in some good receivers. :thup: