Devone Claybrooks in as coach in BC?

According to a tweet by Dave Naylor, Devone Claybrooks has been offered the head coaching position in BC

Interesting. It looks like he got the job in BC but I think I heard he was getting interest from the NFL also. It must have been a really nice offer from the Lions. Congratulations to him.

I see that Rich Stubler is the new D Coordinator of the BC Lions . I guess being 69 years old is not a problem for some teams . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the guy older than Rich Stubler)

Maybe it's his substantial body of work and experience coaching in the league BC actually plays in, much of it in the 21st century, that makes him an attractive candidate.

I take it Stubler was not under contract in Montreal? This would be a lateral move.

Right on the mark One! Has nothing to do with age but moreso , experience in CFL! Why are some so sensitive about age, on this forum?

If CFL experience is the main factor, then Frank Kush must be the outlier . He came from Arizona State ( Joe Zuger’s alma mater) . Kush stayed for one year, 1981, and had an 11-4-1 record with the East Division Champion Tiger-Cats . He left the following spring for the Colts of the NFL .

Blocking, tackling, catching, and running are the same on either side of the border . Schemes may vary but players still play and coaches teach. Doug Flutie saw the zone blitz in Canada before he saw it in the NFL. Coaches innovate and copycat other coaches.

If another Frank Kush came to Hamilton, he would probably be quite successful. Having had 24 years of successful coaching experience in the NCAA, he’d turn an 8-7-1 team into an 11-4-1 squad in one year.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

So in other words… the exception proves the rule.

Kush had no future here regardless, players despised him and his methods.

The Cats were the best conditioned team in the league . Players like Leif Pettersen, who lacked the work ethic, may have hated Kush but Rocky DiPietro loved that he was in the best shape of his career.

Kush spent one year in the Hammer and we were first in the east . Some players hated Lombardi, Parcells, Belichick, Noll, Woodie Hayes, ..... . They are/were old school but they won . They won a lot ! Even Herm Edwards, who is not old school, says "You play to win the game"!

If Kush was so despised, why did he immediately get a head coaching position in the NFL after leaving the Cats ?

Pat Lynch (the old guy who still recalls the Pat Stoqua TD )

You'd think maybe Clements over Marler might have had something to do with that too.

Of course, we still had Clements in 1982 and fell back to 8-7-1, just like the year before Kush arrived.

It is that age old debate over coaching and talent. I still feel anyone could have won the world series with the Blue Jay’s first championship! But Cito still gets the credit.

Lief Petterson also said by the time the East Final arrived the team was mentally and physically exhausted thanks to Kush.
Hardly an endorsement.

Bud Riley , Kushs replacement, ran a cautious ball control offense. With the win/loss record to,prove it.

Yup I remember reading player interviews at the time where they said that Kush made them run laps repeatedly outside and around the stadium on the street. Kush might have crossed that fine line between conditioning and burnout.

The defence was also getting torched in 1982 when they inserted Gerald Bess in to replace Leroy Paul. Bess was brutal in his first season.

I’m not sure anything they could have done in 1982 would have been enough to get them past the June Jones-led run & shoot offence of the Argos.

Bad timing all around for the team. Any other time those teams would have carried the East but TOR was rebuilt with a lights out offense and a great defense
. Ballard obviously wasn’t going to match their spending


Stampeders to name Brent Monson defensive coordinator
Posted on December 13, 2018 by Justin Dunk // 0 Comments

[i]The Calgary Stampeders are set to name Brent Monson as defensive coordinator, per sources.
Monson is the replacement for DeVone Claybrooks who left Calgary to become the head coach of the B.C. Lions.
Monson has been on the Stampeders coaching staff for 10 seasons, serving as strength and conditioning coach, defensive line coach and running backs coach. He’s been linebackers coach for six of those years, including the last four and three seasons under Claybrooks.
Most notably, Monson groomed Alex Singleton from the time Calgary drafted him in the first round in 2016 helping develop him into one of the elite linebackers in the CFL.

General manager John Hufnagel and head coach Dave Dickenson are big on promoting within the organization for continuity purposes.
The McMaster University graduate was born and raised in Hamilton.
Monson has been working hard behind the scenes to earn the opportunity.[/i]

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