Devine grounded

Tyronne Carrier was flown out last minute because Devine had no ID to fly to Calgary. Lost his wallet during camp and lost his passport Monday. Richardson got up late and missed his flight. Flew out on the next flight to Calgary. Chartrand and Heppell were not impressed by practice this week. For 40 minutes the entire starting offense was sitting on the bench doing nothing while ST were practicing on one half of the field and Hawkins complains he's losing practice time because of 15 minute bus ride :roll:

July 25th.

The Als will have "l'embarras du choix" on July 25th or after. Hence, Vercheval,Marchand and Heppell. With these experts, the Als will win all their remaining games.


What the ... lost his wallet during training camp. That was over 4 weeks ago now. One would think he would have replaced some of his identification by now?

As for Richardson missing the flight because he got up late, in my books unacceptable. He should be forced to watch the game from the bench. At the very least, watching from the sidelines.

Unbelievable what has transpired this past week after the past performances. Is this the Mickey Mouse club?!

Maybe ! Surely they would not have the Offense sitting on the bench for 40 minutes during the limited practice time they have and especially after their stellar performance over the past 2 games.
This is starting to sound like a country club rather than a team trying to focus on improving and getting back to winning ball games.
Hawkins and his over blown coaching staff have allot to prove !

Looks like guys who are overwhelmed to me. Its a learning process but there are some alarming signs.

Richard: These guys don't make the stuff up they just report on it. They want to like Hawkins and his staff so they aren't trying to torpedo him. Everything is available to them, film from Trestman's practices, Edme is still there, players are still there. There is no excuse for having poorly structured practices.

I may be wrong

But all this sounds like the natural progression
Away from a team that was under the heavy-handed control
Of a disciplinarian like Trestman.

I'd like to believe these guys are adults
Respect the game and their coaches (and each other)
Without being forced into a prostrating-prayer meeting every morning.

But a lot of this sounds like a backlash
Against tyrannical rule
Ex-post facto

Unfortunately...the solution isn't simple
Re-establishing discipline starts with respect
Respect comes with winning
And winning requires discipline.

Hope this stuff doesn't spiral out of control
But I tend to prick my ears up
When an old veteran like Matt Dunigan
Says things aren't looking at all good
In the ranks of the Als.

Can't blame Trestman for how Hawkins decided to run his ship.

Last year these same guys were complaining we didnt practice enough on Special Teams. How tough were Don Matthews practices?

Our offense has been terrible and deserves the criticism it is getting. Miller hasn`t put together a CFL competitive offense and it is questionable he is capable of doing it. But how about the defense and special teams.

It has now reached the stage of piling on by the media and people here. I guess it`s human nature, easier and more fun to criticize and pick at every little scab. They do it with the Habs too.

It comes with the territory of losing. As they say, winning cures everything.

Totally agree with you. There is so much that can be done in roughly 1 hour and 1/2.

As you wrote,last year they were all complaining about the special teams/no dedicated coach and defence; now that these 2 units are doing much better,they want more practices on offence and,I presume, less on defence and special teams.

How often have some of you mentioned,quite often in the past, that the Als are,in a way, penalized, since they have to travel to training site; now Hawkins said it and it's no good/an excuse. Be consistent!

If Calvillo has a better game today, the Als could win. A better Calvillo in the last 2 games and the Als would be 3-0.


If the "Offense" has a better game today Als could win. A better "Offense" in the last 2 games and the Als "could" have been 3-0.

This has got to be a huge opportunity for Matte and Barrette this PM. I would love to have these two players play a strong game. They will hopefully provide AC with decent protection and, this use this opportunity to demonstrate they truly belong to the Montreal offense.

You're full of crap. :lol: Are you Dan Hawkins's brother? What's with the mindless cheerleading here and scapegoating of Calvillo?

Like, seriously, using your logic, any time you criticize Calvillo, I'll ask you if you could do what he does, and if you can't, just shut up and keep your thoughts to yourself, right? :wink: :roll:

It might astonish you, but journalists and fans have every right to make their voices heard, even when their opinions don't coincide with yours.

I'm blaming Trestman for being a ruthless disciplinarian christian zealot.

This situation with the players is like a highschool class
Razzing the substitute teacher.
The players need to grow up
And you KNOW what Hawkins needs to grow


Substituting the word "Calvillo" for the word "Offense" (or zombie) is a stroke of GENIUS!!!

Calvillo's definitely been stinking up the league
"Offensive" is mild...but will do for now

:P :lol: :roll: :wink:

Watch as folks do cartwheels in denial of the obvious
It's impressive, scary and darling...all that the same time

Some kind of weird multiple personality thing going on here
Maybe a “multiple posts syndrome” of some kind.

:roll: :wink: :roll:

You heard him!
Don't break ranks!!!

Especially now...when all his years of hard work
(and a zillion posts)
Is finally about to bear fruit
And the Alouettes are in Chaos, heading for the precipice


I was at a singalong of Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Yeomen of the Guard' last night and couldn't help thinking about Senior....'Ahh Mee. Ahh Mee. Ahh mee......'. :smiley:

Off to practice with me mum. She'll be happy to see Anwar back.

I'm not sure I've ever heard a Jew be called a Christian zealot. Sometimes you just get carried away. Well, a lot of times.