Devil's Advocate: In Defense of Taafe

i have to agree with zontar

  1. charlie taffe doesn't play on the defensive line that can't get a pass rush

  2. charlie taffe doesn't play on an o-line that doesn't block well

  3. charlie taffe isn't running the ball well all game (piercy) and gets stuffed on third down

  4. charlie taffe doesn't play db and give a 10 yard cushion on every play

Charlie puts together a game plan and the players need to execute. It obviously makes no difference who the coaches are, Marshall, Lancaster, Taffe, Gregory, Beckman, Bowman or whoever, we can't play .500 ball.

I luv Charlie to death but he looks like a beaten man. He doesn't know what to do any more. Woodard, 3 penalties last nite, 2 accepted, 1 declined. How is this guy still playing? The must see something he likes.

All defensive strategies go out the window when you don't have a rush. WE HAVE NO RUSH! VERY LITTLE PRESSURE! Last nite, we hit Joseph hard, but just a split second too late.

Casey runs around like a chicken with his head cut off because our o-line can't block. You can't run plays with an o-line that lets everyone walk into our backfield.

Everyone is on Easly for yesterday. 2 big returns were set up by blocks in the back. Lay off. 1 bad game out of 9 isn't too bad if you ask me.

In my opinion, yes, we need to fire Taffe at the end of the year, no questions asked. But who are we going to get to make us better with the talent we have here?

In the words of Mel, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOObody!

The talent level here is poor. Very poor. We cut Cavka, a guy 5 games ago we were told that we couldn't live with out and that when Lumsden was healthy he was help with the ratio. Now, he's gone. We are experimenting with Dyakowski and Bekasiak. Give me a break.

The secondary doesn't seem to bad with Bradly, Gordon, Thompson, Glasper, Robinson et al but are they going to put up with this?

We let Dwight Anderson go and he's lights out in Calgary.

I'm getting very frustrated right now. We are going to have to rebuild again next year and win another 3 games. Changing coaches is just a change in philosophy. You need talent and except for running back and qb, we don't have much depth.