Devier Posey signs with BC Lions

That didn't take long!


It's good but let me know when they find a running back. :wink:

A replacement for Whitehead I guess

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So I guess the big question is...can a player who actually technically never played for us come back to haunt us ? :thinking:



Lol 2 years on the roster, not a single down played.

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I don't think "he'll come back to haunt us" but I think he should have been given the chance to at least suit up once to see if he might help our offence. If Banks isn't 100%, he could have taken his place last game.

Of course, that presupposes that he wasn't released to avoid being on the hook for his full salary, which we don't know. It'd be nice if Steve Milton (cause he's the only one who I could even imagine asking such a question) pursued questions like this.