Developing Canadian players?

Should the CFL focus its energy on developing the best Canadian players possible than on CFL 2.0? They have been a lot of great players from Canada, especially over the last 20 years. But if the CFL partnered with Football Canada focused on creating a development pathway or academy for young football it would make high school football, U Sports, and drafted players better.


What percentage of Canadian CFL players are NCAA trained instead of USports?

But what about developing players in Finland? You know, the thing that is going to take Canadian football to the next level.

I don't think it matters if they're U Sports trained or NCAA.

How many times have you seen a Andy Fantuz or a Rocky Dipietro beat an American defensive halfback from the NCAA?

How many times have you seen a defensive end like Ricky Foley, undress NCAA trained tackles.

The best runningback this past decade played in neither the NCAA or U Sports.

Their is a lot of talent in U sports. Some also start out playing in the NCAA, but come back to Canada, ex: Michael O'Connor, Courtney Stephens.

Some say the CFL was at its best when they had 10 Canadian starters, maybe one day we can get back to that.


That was in the days when football was played in most Canadian high schools, the baby boomers.
Although high school football is thriving in most of the country, try finding high schools in the GTA where they still play football. I think out of the 125 public high schools in the GTA only 25 still have fooball teams, but they all have soccer and basketball teams.
At the pre-high school level it's tough to find a team to play on. There is one team in Hamilton and a couple in Toronto they play in a league that stretches from London to west of Toronto.
It's not only the fact that enrolment in high schools are way down compared to years ago but kids are not interested in it, parents don't want their kids playing and the insurance costs are huge, equipment costs are huge.
Fewer kids playing means fewer pickings for the CIS and the NCAA offering scholarships to the best kids.

No we will never see 10 Nationals, it's hard enough for coaches to make the 7 National starters. We are starting to see the rules easing up now and if anything the number of N starters declining.

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100% agree - I grew up in the Durham region when I played football in high school from 2006-2011. There was 12 high schools playing football with both a junior and senior team. Now, there's only 5 teams in that same region playing football. But I understand the cost of equipment but I think the CFL should invest in the schools and community teams.


Pretty sure cfl team's already do help out local high school and rep teams in there cities

Courtney Stephen was with Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks first for 2 seasons and then went to NCAA after that actually, there is 2008 /2009 golden hawks interviews he did on YouTube

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No doubt a handful of high schools closing for super schools to be made affected less high schools with football teams also.

You're right.

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