Develop Archibald

I propose if we want to develop a QB develop Archibald, First of all he is definatly one big kid, 6'5" 230lbs, he has a strong arm and is deinatly one Canadian QB I would like to see in this league. Looking at his stats in his career he has Completed 53% of his career passes and has thrown for 6102 yards in a total of 33 games, If we want to draft him, it would be a waste of a pick to pick him early on in the draft, and would be smarter to pick him later on since a typical 6th round pick never makes the team anyways. Another reason to pick him is that if we try to get a American QB we rarely get one taller the 6', If Danny Mac wants to retire then sign as a QB coach, since I couldnt think of any QB better to teach a young kid poise in the pocket

absolutely not. although it is a nice idea to have a canadian qb archibald isnt even close to being a guy to make this jump.

Develop him like so many other good teams do, thats why we stink and why we will always, because we survive off the scrap QB's we get from other teams when they are done with them

for starters his arm strength is suspect at best. you dont just grab a guy and decide your going to develop him you have to recruit scout and look for a guy that has all the intangibles to develop. archibald is not this guy. he plays football at mac in the ciau and he isnt getting the exp he needs to succeed at the cfl level.....or the coaching.

and the difference between the CIAU and some divison II or III NCAA qb we would be getting is?

i was talking about d1 and 1AA. the difference is the level of competition across the board day in and day out. the speed of the game. all these things that cant be reproduced in the ciau. after that its the coaching and attention to detail ie mechanics game film etc. finally the pressure they play under national tv 40 to 80 thousand people on any given night. last but not least if archibald was good enough he would be playing on these div 1 or 1aa teams. maybe even this division 3 team you speak of. this isnt to say that you can only be good enough if you play in the ncaa just that you have a lot more chance to foster and grow all the tools you need there.

Judging by the way he chucks the ball he has one thing.... arm strength.
Now has he got the endurance to throw it over and over in training camp and practice?Not many from the CIS do....
I'd draft him for sure before the Argos do.
I agree with you on developing him if he has "it" then he can develop it and playing in front of 25,000 in the CFL isn't that big a deal .It's playing in front of some of these quarterback killing defences like the Argos have that will shake a QB .

Fans of Canadian-trained Quarterbacks
have been howling at the moon for years

about how unjust all CFL teams are
towards giving their favourites a shot.

It would be more productive to tell them
that they won't get a chance in the CFL

until they build their resumes in pro football
by being successful in the U.S. or NFL Europe

They can fuss about the 8 teams
who won't give them a chance

or they can explore dozens of teams
to find out who may give them a chance.

That's their only option really.

25000 not that big of a deal? quite a jump from two thousand in college not to mention channel 14 to national audience. have you seen his deep ball hangs up forever. trust me the reason cis qbs dont make it has little to do with endurance and more to do with lack of coaching and talent.

I'm sure he has the arm strength of Jason Maas but then, I'm not saying much here. And no disrespect to Jason, I know he's had shoulder issues. But the fact remains, Maas' arm strength is suspect.

I'll go on RECORD, right now, as saying there is not a snowflake's chance in a cup of hot chocolate that Archibald becomes a PRO QB.

As someone alluded to - the guy has QUESTIONABLE arm strength at BEST.


Whats with the capital letters? There is such a thing as punctuation. Other than that I agree 100%.

don't even BOTHER asking......

anyway, sunday was "CAPSLOCK DAY"

Radlein fan ... right again, take some notes ti-cat fans and check where almost all of our backup QB's have came from over the past many years, how many wasted hours have been spent not developing anyone .. why not make an investment in Archibald .. tell be what would the difference be ?

re- nwo-absolutely not. although it is a nice idea to have a canadian qb archibald isnt even close to being a guy to make this jump.
---------- are you anti cis, , judging from your posts one could say you were even anti canadain,? ( nwo- would your endorse a CFL with NCAA players ONLY?

here are the top 10 rank cis qb,s Rank Player GP COMP ATT COMP % YDS AVG/A AVG/G TD INT LG SACKS SACKYDS
1 Justin Dunk - Guelph 8 158 290 54.48 2452 8.46 306.50 14 15 105 21 116
2 Teale Orban - Regina 7 150 261 57.47 2390 9.16 341.43 23 5 107 18 129
3 Benoit Groulx - Laval 7 163 239 68.20 2343 9.80 334.71 12 4 81 4 14
4 Matt Connell - McGill 6 152 247 61.54 1959 7.93 326.50 12 11 57 8 54
5 Joshua Sacobie - Ottawa 7 124 204 60.78 1860 9.12 265.71 13 5 59 12 89
6 John Makie - Manitoba 7 108 186 58.06 1800 9.68 257.14 13 2 60 7 41
7 Dan Brannagan - Queen's 8 122 250 48.80 1744 6.98 218 11 11 104 12 69
8 Jamie Partington - Laurier 8 124 218 56.88 1741 7.99 217.63 15 10 47 9 79
9 Dan Lumley - Windsor 8 88 176 50 1716 9.75 214.50 12 7 96 7 32
10 Blake Smelser - UBC 7 110 183 60.11 1664 9.09 237.71 9 8 62 19 126 (imo Sacobie is the better pick

Why would you say that. i have a lot of respect for the guys in the ciau. i like radlein i like morreale i like hitch i like auggie i have like ray thomas all canadians some of which played in the ciau. meatsy, radlien, and auggie. ray and hitch played in the ncaa. i respect both leagues and love canadians. but my respect for these guys is kept in perspective. i am not blinded or biased in my opinnions. there are some truths about the ciau that i can accept. i personally would endorse a cfl with just canadian players. i dont necessarily like the canadian requirement but i also dont like affirmative action either. i want the best guy for the job canadian or american because i want to see the best talent we can get on the field. obviously there is a difference in talent in the two leagues or you wouldnt see the stipulation that so many canadians start on the field. you could argue that this a good thing becuase guys like donnelly who play canadian positions would never have a job. anyways to insult me as anti canadian it ignorant at best. why becuase i dont fall down at lumsden feet. or because i recognize the huge gap playing qb at mac or in the us for a div 1 college. thanks for coming out.

Well said NWO facts are facts Div 1 NCAA supplies the best talent and lesser divisons compare to the CIS .. point being devolopment of talent in the CFL .. rules state so many non-imports so had the Cats built over the past 5 years would thier record be any worse then we've experinced. The world would be a better place if the rule was the third QB had to be Canadian .

Now would a team want to take a cdn qb for third string to develop. ask a bc who had to go to pierce and saw no drop off and helped win games for them. i would cringe if we had to go down to the 3rd qb and we had to bring in a cdn kid just becuase he is cdn and we were trying to develop him. what needs to happen is better development in the college ranks. better coaching. unfortunately with no scholarships to offer and little to no interest in ciau football the elite atheletes go down south where they can get all these things. many times leaving the ciau with players that werent good enough in highschool to play with the elite. this doesnt mean that they cant later grow into their bodies and find a place in the cfl. it just means they were not good enough in highschool for whatever reason. too slow too short etc.

now if you really want to "develop" a cdn qb put him on the practice roster and let him hang around and try and learn. but teams dress 3 qbs in case they need 3 qbs. ideally or hopefully you never have to use your 3rd qb but you certainly hope he is a capable and able being or you wouldnt bring and dress him not to mention pay him as a professional.