Devastating News For Stampeders At Grey Cup

This is the worst possible news for the Stampeders.

Quick Six The Touchdown Horse will not be present.

The sidelines are not wide enough to have the horse run.

:| :| :| Fans at McMahon sometimes get more excited when the horse runs up and down the sidelines then when a TD is scored.

I was expecting this. I figured that BMO would be to small.

BTW, I am sure this has been mentioned in any of many Argo posts, but what is the BMO max capacity after they put in the temp seats ?

First off, that really sucks about Quick-6, one of my favourite CFL traditions.

To answer your question,

"BMO Field’s seating capacity has been expanded from 27,000 to about 35,000 for the Grey Cup game."

[url=] ... redblacks/[/url]

The gist of the article is they are now expecting a sellout by the way. By the looks of it, if all goes to plan as they say it will, it should be the biggest crowd in BMO history from what I can tell.

2ez, thank you for answering my question and for including the link to confirm.

Great to know.

This is what happens when you have those all those field level tables and seats running the length of the field plus the shortened endzones. Too bad.

and here is another article about the Containing the Fun League (nice play on words :roll: ) and the banning of Quick 6 and the Wood Cookies (kinda sounds like a name for a Jazz or Blues band :slight_smile: )

BUT you'll be happy to know that The CFL has not, however, banned night-mare inducing mascots:both Ralph the Dog and Big Joe will be free to terrorize children of all ages during the game.

Here's the link to the full article written by 3Down Staff (sounds like another Trash , as in Madani article to me :lol: )

[url=] ... -grey-cup/[/url]

Quick Six was also banned in 2012 at skydome , siteing safety but he/she finally got in and was allowed to run in endzone only , same could have been done in the end with the turf at BMO....its just Toronto bull crap as usual . I am sure they could have found a spot for the chain saw guys as well , but that would have been just too much fun for the "SIX".

In this case, given the size of BMO and the potential risk of the pitch being torn up by a horse (TFC has a playoff game three days after the Grey Cup) I'm cool with that. Besides, Pigskin Pete doesn't get to lead cheers at the cup from my understanding and the Ottawa Logging Crew isn't allowed on the grounds.

As far as I'm concerned, let all the Mascots into the Grey Cup and keep it neutral.


Hopefully the Stamps bring the horse and it's allowed to run up and down the street behind the south end zone. They could put a camera out there and show Six on the scoreboard after a score. Same as the loggers.

The timing with the TFC game and the horse might not work if there is any chance it could ruin the field. I get that.

A pretty good rant from a CGY radio station on the lack of mascots at the big game.

Disclaimer! It is a Sportsnet radio station, but I do agree with a lot of it.

[url=] ... erview.mp3[/url]

Boy, we certainly wouldn't want to have fun things at what is supposed to be the biggest party game of the year, right? That's crazy talk.

Isn't this the second year in a row the chainsaw crew has been banned? Ottawa's going to have to get in it while they're hosting to have any shot at stopping the league from this idiocy, it seems.

Not seeing the big issue here. Comments here and on 3 down nation make it sound like a CFL and/or Toronto conspiracy.
BMO isn't even big enough to hold a standard CFL field. Where are you going to get room for a giant log with people and chainsaws, and room for a horse to run and be able to stop in time.

When I lived in Calgary, I had season tickets with the Stamps and enjoyed watching Quick 6 run after TD's.
But safety is an issue here. Not enough room. More media and cameras than an usual game. Could be dangerous for the horse if you try to cram in room.

A lot about nothing. I just want to see an exciting game.

Well, at least Q6 will be in Toronto.

He will be at the Holiday Inn Lobby Downtown Toronto . :thup:

Better call in extra cleaning staff. :smiley:

I understand that there is no room for a horse to run down the sidelines because of the field level seats.
But why are they banning the loggers? It's pretty easy for them to bring a chain saw and cut a log in the corner of the end zone

They seem to have no problem finding space for the cheerleaders. Replace those with the loggers and the horse. Problem solved.

(And yes, Ottawa fans may be put out since it's the second year in a row it's happened to them. Although this year's excuse is better than last year's, which amounted to "Edmonton whined".)

Great find, thanks for posting.

He makes some good points, but it is a little over the top.
" if there is no room , make room " Logistics is never easy, unless you are a radio guy.

OK , there will still be a very limited space.

I would love to see "my horse" run, but there is a safety issue for all .
The Q6 , rider Chelsea , camera men, media, cheerleaders and players.
If something went wrong, there would be major lawsuits.

...I understand the space constraints to not allowing our horse to run up and down the sideline, as noted above, safety for all should rule...

...I believe though the issue surrounding the lumberjacks and chainsaws (used to celebrate a TD scored by the REDBLACKS) is why move and set up all that equipment when it will never get used... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

They could always show Q6 galloping on the scoreboard along with the sounds of thundering hooves. Same for chainsaw gang. Better than nothing. :cowboy: